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Solar Shingles – How They Work and Different Comparisons

If you truly love the world and value a green environment, it’s a good idea to have solar shingles or a solar roof. Choosing solar shingles over a higher cost with electricity and electricity bills will definitely have you go greener. But if you want to learn all about solar shingles, keep reading! What Are […]

Best Paint Sprayer: Top 8 Choices to Try

We know your usual image of a painter is this (better than us roofers, lol): Source: But let’s face it. With that brush, it’ll take forever to do a good paint job and finish painting projects. It’s time for an upgrade. Paint sprayers are now the new cool thing (well, for paint jobs, at […]

How Much Does A New Roof Increase Home Value?

Let’s go straight to the point. A brand new roof can add a national average of $12,000-$15,000 to your home value. It can also boost your appraisal value. But it’s not that simple. We’ll explain it more thoroughly in the succeeding sections.   Installing a New Roof: Is It Worth It? A home’s roof is […]

The Best Roof Cleaners to Make Your Roof Look New

Are you looking for a roof cleaner that will cleanse all the dirt that makes your roof UGLY? Do you want a device that will make you clean nasty things like moss, mold, mildew, and algae? There are many roof cleaners with specific purposes that may not suit you. This article will help you differentiate […]

Homeowners Guide: Is a New Roof Tax Deductible?

We won’t sugarcoat it. Getting a tax deduction for a new roof isn’t something you can simply do by writing off your taxes. If you just bought a brand new home, a tax deduction doesn’t apply either. Does this mean you have zero chances of getting a tax deduction? Not quite. Depreciation, tax credits, and […]

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