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A Guide to Roof Jacks: What You Need to Know!

Working on sloping roofs is dangerous, to say the least.    Whether you’re shingling a new roof, repairing an old one, or doing anything else that requires you to stand on the roof for long periods of time, roof jacks are essential to keeping you safe and making the work easier overall.    Gone are […]

How many Layers of Shingles can be on a Roof?

How many layers of shingles can we put a roof? This is a question that homeowners often ask, especially when they are looking at trying to save a few dollars on their new roof. After all, tearing off your old roof is time consuming, dirty and expensive. The answer, however, is not as simple as […]

Why You Should Consider Using Stainless Steel Roofing Nails (and where to buy them).

Lately, we have been doing a ton of roofing projects for the government and one thing we noticed is that the government always wants us to use stainless steel roofing nails. The request seems odd because you can not buy this nail at Home Depot, Lowes, Menards or even at your local roofing supply store. […]

Do You Need Cedar Breather? Where Can You Buy It?

I have installed more than 100 cedar roofs and have had many clients ask me “Is cedar breather necessary?” and my opinion has changed over time. In this article, we will go over what cedar breather is, how to install it with a wood roof and more of my thoughts on the Cedar Shake accessory. […]

11 Best Air Compressors For A Home Garage In 2022

As a roofing contractor, we have used many air compressors over the years and put them “through the ringer” so to speak. So, if you’re an avid DIYer looking for the best air compressor for a home garage, you’ve come to the right place. Air compressors are the perfect addition to a home garage tool […]

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