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9/12 Roof Pitch Information And Photo Examples

The 9/12 roof pitch is popular with newer construction (think post 2000) and it is not a very walkable pitch for the average person. Due to it’s steepness, it does tend to shed water very quickly. For this roof pitch, you will need a safety harness. What is a 9/12 Roof Pitch? When you are talking […]

Hand Seamers: The Handiest Tool For Sheet Metal

Sheet metal brakes can be expensive and difficult to use, and sometimes they just don’t have the finesse that we need for certain jobs.   ENTER the hand seamer, a cheaper and sometimes more effective tool! It may be a little more tedious to use, but we promise, it’s worth it!   Allow us to […]

Best Roofing Knife: 8 Top Picks + Buying Guide

When searching for the best roofing knife, factors like how ergonomic the design is down to its durability are features you should watch out for. To save you the hassle, I’ve compiled 9 of the best roofing knives along with a buying guide to end your search once and for all! 8 Best Roofing Knives […]

A Quick Guide to Roof Measurements

Before starting any roofing project, contractors will typically need the total square footage of the roof they’ll be working on. This will not only help them determine strategies, processes, and estimates for the roofing materials needed, but it will also save time once their team is at the job site. For homeowners, taking these measurements […]

5 TPO Roofing Problems: How to Manage It and Alternative Solutions

TPO roofing problems don’t start from the material itself. Even with high-quality manufacturing and reinforcement, it can’t live through its entire lifespan. We’ve found the most common TPO roofing problems: Adhesive deteriorates Punctured TPO membrane  Shrinkage due to heat High foot traffic Poor TPO installation We’ll give you a more detailed discussion of each one […]

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