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Roof Melt: 7 Top Picks That Completely Remove Snow Off Your Roof

With these 7 roof melts I’ll be mentioning in a while, all that snow will be gone in time to put up decorations and celebrate the holidays WITHOUT a big lump on your roof. The best part? You’re saving your roof from damage! If you want the best pick right now, I highly recommend Green […]

Wood Shingles VS Wood Shakes

Are you planning on installing a wooden roof for your home? There are two types of wood roofing materials – wood shakes and wooden shingles, each with its own unique features. Wood roofing is great for its longevity and the fact it is derived from renewable materials. Between the two, which is better for your […]

Easy Snow Removal: Best Roof Rake 2021

Ah, winter!   Your area had heavy snowfall last night and you woke up to a beautiful winter landscape! Now, you’re thinking about that hot cup of coffee and a good book. And… a few hundred pounds of snow on your roof.  Then REALITY hits you.  You’ll need the best roof rake to get off all […]

Metal Roof Flashing

A Comprehensive Guide to Metal Roof Flashing Water leaks? Water flowing through your chimney walls? See, there’s more to roofing than just the metal roof itself. Metal roof flashing provides the additional protection you may not have noticed you needed for your home. This is your one-stop guide for your metal roof flashing needs…. we […]

The 6 Best Gutter Guards to Prevent Debris Buildup and Clogged Gutters

Overflowing gutters are a HUGE nightmare for any homeowner. Dirt, leaves, pine needles, and other debris blocking your existing gutter system are not only a pain to clean; they increase the risk of serious roof damage too! With the right gutter guard, though, you can easily prevent situations like these. Keep reading this guide to […]

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