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The Best Roofing Hammer For Roofers

If you prefer being hands-on with home maintenance, it’s essential to keep a complete set of tools. Imagine if you could use only one tool to get any repair done? You’d no longer have to sift through your toolbox. A roofing hammer is essential to take on any construction project. It’s a versatile and precise […]

RCV vs ACV: Understanding Property Damage Claims

Having insurance coverage from an insurance company is absolutely essential in case of any accidents or calamities that could result in damaged property.Instead of fully paying for repairs or replacements for a loss out-of-pocket, you’ll be able to use your insurance claims to reimburse these huge costs.However, which policy is better: Actual Cash Value (ACV) […]

Roof Insurance Claim Denied? Let’s Turn The Tables

You’ve paid so much premiums for your homeowner’s insurance. Unexpectedly, things went south and you need a roof replacement.Your expectation: A proper compensation for your roof damage.The reality: An underpaid settlement, or an outright refusal.It’s common to get your roof insurance claim denied. This is because insurance companies are a business; they need to make […]

Homeowners Guide: Is a New Roof Tax Deductible?

We won’t sugarcoat it. Getting a tax deduction for a new roof isn’t something you can simply do by writing off your taxes. If you just bought a brand new home, a tax deduction doesn’t apply either. Does this mean you have zero chances of getting a tax deduction? Not quite. Depreciation, tax credits, and […]

Workers Compensation Audit: How It Affects Your Business and How to Prepare for One

When companies hear the word “audit,” this can send chills down their spine.Audits can be nerve-wracking, bone-flinching, and anxiety-ridden.Before you start thinking your insurance company is solely out to collect your hard-earned money, this article might be able to shed some light.Don’t leave just yet! Workers Compensation Audit: The Truth It’s a known fact that […]

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