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The Best Roofing Hammer For Roofers

If you prefer being hands-on with home maintenance, it’s essential to keep a complete set of tools. Imagine if you could use only one tool to get any repair done? You’d no longer have to sift through your toolbox. A roofing hammer is essential to take on any construction project. It’s a versatile and precise […]

Owens Corning Shingles Review

Owens Corning started manufacturing shingles in 1977 and focused only on residential products in 1993. Owens Corning makes top-rated products and is rated at per with Tamko, Atlas, and GAF and only second to the best in the industry, Malarkey and CertainTeed. Owens Corning Shingles Lines Owens Corning products range from affordable to premium quality […]

Mansard Roof: Benefits, Risks and Facts You Should Know

Mansard roof architecture goes way back to 1550 where it was used as a roof style for the Louvre Museum.Regarded as a highly fashionable feature for buildings during the Second Empire, mansard roofs have become a popular choice over Europe, Canada, and the United States.But why is it regarded as such? How does it benefit […]

Roof Boots: Cost, Functionality and How It Helps Your Roofing System

Vent pipes in your roofs require a special vent pipe cover to prevent your roof from water leaks. This is where a roof boot comes in. Roof boots are a special type of rubber cover designed to keep your house safe and well-protected from harsh elements that may damage your roof. So how do you […]

What You Need To Know About Shingle Granule Loss

If you have never worked in roofing, you probably have not given much thought to the granules on your asphalt shingles. Perhaps you just thought they added an attractive texture to the shingles and not much else. However, those granules are key components to almost everything your roof does to protect your house or commercial […]

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