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What Is a Parapet Wall: Benefits, Risks, and Tips Worth Mentioning

Thinking of installing a parapet wall for your balcony? In this guide, we’ll share with you what a parapet is mainly used for its benefits and the risks that come with installing one. What Is a Parapet Wall? Put simply, a parapet wall (also referred to as fire walls) is an extended wall that extends […]

Why Ridge Cap Is An Important Piece To Your Roofing System?

It’s common knowledge that without a strong and stable roof, your home won’t be fully protected from harsh winds and storms. However, did you know that a ridge cap is an essential part of any roofing installation? This roofing element not only protects your home from leaks but also adds an architectural design element to […]

GAF Shingles: Our Reviews And Ultimate Guide Of The Most Famous Brand In Roofing

Due to a marketing budget that is roughly double that of other shingles manufacturers, GAF shingles are insanely popular in the US. Twenty-five percent of homes in the United States are roofed with GAF shingles. The manufacturer is a Standard Industries Company and one of the leading waterproofing and roofing manufacturers worldwide with strategically located […]

Make Your Roof Last Longer With A Ridge Vent

Proper ventilation is key to any home’s living conditions. Take it for granted, and this is what will happen: Your roof will crack easily and age prematurely Poor insulation Higher mold, mildew, and moisture buildup Higher maintenance costs in the long run To prevent this from happening, we’ve outlined the steps you can take to […]

Atlas Shingles Review: Are They Worth Buying?

Inspectors, homeowners, and contractors rate Atlas amongst the top five brands that manufacture roofing products. Their products are of excellent quality and are affordable. The company specializes in asphalt shingles and has amongst the best warranties in the market. READ MORE: Roofing Warranties Fast Fact: Atlas shingles are considered good in the opinion of homeowners, contractors, […]

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