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Can You Walk On A Metal Roof?

New homeowners often ask us if it is safe to walk on their metal roof or if they can damage the metal roof by getting on top of it. Can you physically get on the roof? Of course you can. Should you? My answer is absolutely not. The danger of falling is not worth it. […]

How to Start a Roofing Company

There are many resources on the internet on how to start a roofing company, but very few are from actual roofing contractors.  Just on the first page of Google:   Seriously? What does a bunch of shingle suppliers, 3rd party information companies, and marketing agencies know about starting a roofing company?  I’ll tell you the answer:  […]

How Much Does A Metal Roof Weigh?

When deciding on a new metal roof, one factor that most completely overlook is the weight! Although it is rare, we have seen roofs collapse due to the amount of weight. This is a very important topic when you are interviewing roofing companies as many will try to save themselves money by being dishonest with […]

Finding the Best Solar Powered Generator: Our Go-to Options

Do you want a RELIABLE and ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY portable power source? Solar-powered generators could be an excellent choice for you. These generators use the sun’s energy to produce clean, sustainable power, making them perfect for traveling, disaster preparedness, and battery backup.   What Is a Solar Generator? A solar generator is an electronic device that turns […]

How Long Does A Metal Roof Last? [2022 Update]

When would you know if it’s time to replace your metal roof? Are you thinking about getting a roof replacement? Well, hold your horses! Have a look at your metal roof first before doing any action. While you’re at it, read this article to find out the best thing to do!   Metal Roof Lifespan […]

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