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RCV vs ACV: Understanding Property Damage Claims

Having insurance coverage from an insurance company is absolutely essential in case of any accidents or calamities that could result in damaged property. Instead of fully paying for repairs or replacements for a loss out-of-pocket, you’ll be able to use your insurance claims to reimburse these huge costs. However, which policy is better: Actual Cash […]

Roof Insurance Claim Denied? Let’s Turn The Tables

You’ve paid so much premiums for your homeowner’s insurance. Unexpectedly, things went south and you need a roof replacement. Your expectation: A proper compensation for your roof damage. The reality: An underpaid settlement, or an outright refusal. It’s common to get your roof insurance claim denied. This is because insurance companies are a business; they […]

What You Need To Know About Roof Scuppers

One important component of any roof is the drainage system. You need to be sure that rain and other water can drain from your roof, so that it doesn’t pool and create any damage. There are a couple of options to channel water, with cuppers and traditional roof drains being the two that are typically […]

Ice Dams – What Are They And How To Remove Them

You know you’re dealing with an ice dam when you see long icicles hanging from your roof or eavestrough during the winter. Ice dams can cause a lot of damage to your roof, shingles, eaves, and home which can be expensive to fix. This repair cost can get even worse if you don’t take care […]

The Best Caulking Guns: A Handy List and Guide

A good caulking gun can really make your life eaiser. If you’re spilling caulk everywhere and making uneven lines even if the project itself is excellent, then you’ll be diminishing its ATTRACTIVENESS. It’s crucial to find the right caulking gun for you to do a job well done on whatever task you’re up to, so […]

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