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Ladder Assist: What to Know About Getting A Roof Inspection

Has your roof sustained any damage from a storm? Did strong wind tear up some parts of your roof? Or is it leaking simply because of some faulty installation?   By now, you’ve likely called your insurance company about it and asked them to cover it right?   But hang on, they’re telling you you […]

How to Roof a House

Before you dive into installing a new roof or replacing your current one, you need to understand the ‘serious labor’ behind roofing. That’s why I’ve compiled this step-by-step guide to help you understand the ins and outs of how to roof a house safely and effectively. Tools and Materials Needed Materials Needed Ice and water […]

Gable Roof vs Hip Roof: A Comprehensive Comparison

A big part of any home construction project is figuring out which kind of roof to install. A strong and well-designed roof will not only add to your home’s overall aesthetics—more importantly, it will also effectively protect you and your family from harm. Two popular options that fit the bill are hip roofs and gable […]

TPO vs PVC Roofing: Which Is Best for Your Project?

On flat or low-slope roofs where the natural flow of water is slow, your roofing membrane is essential to protect the interior of your building from leaks. Over the years, both TPO and PVC roofing have become popular options for their good quality and long-term strength. If you want to know which one is best […]

Best Hard Hat: Our Top 10 Picks and Buying Guide

Wearing personal protective equipment is an absolute necessity if you work high-risk jobs, like roofing, construction or electricity. Accident prevention is paramount! The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires an employer to pay for his worker’s hard hat. But sometimes, standard-issue hard hats can be uncomfortable. To help you decide which hard hat you […]

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