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GAF Shingles: Our Reviews And Ultimate Guide Of The Most Famous Brand In Roofing

Due to a marketing budget that is roughly double that of other shingles manufacturers, GAF shingles are insanely popular in the US. Twenty-five percent of homes in the United States are roofed with GAF shingles. The manufacturer is a Standard Industries Company and one of the leading waterproofing and roofing manufacturers worldwide with strategically located […]

How Many Nails Per Shingle Do You Need?

When you are in the market for a new roof, surely you are going to be calling multiple roofing contractors in your area to give you an estimate. There are many questions you should ask your contractor, and one of the most important ones is “How many nails will you put in each shingle?” Your […]

6/12 Roof Pitch Information And Photo Examples

The 6/12 roof pitch is by far the most common residential roof pitch. It is steep enough to shed water quickly while also being what we refer to as “walkable”. What is A 6/12 Roof Pitch? When you are talking about roof pitches, the first number is the number of inches the roof rises every […]

What Is A Gutter Apron?

When it rains, it pours. And when the rain has subsided, all that rainwater ends up in your gutter system…or does it? If your gutter system catches little to no rainwater at all, then we have a serious problem at our hands. Your roof will usually have a drip edge installed to direct water into […]

What are Class 4 Shingles?

A homeowner requires a roof that not only protects them from the elements but also lasts despite adverse weather conditions. Class 4 shingles are impact resistance and made to withstand the extremes of wind and hail. Class 4 shingles are a good idea if you live in a place that experiences constant winter storms that […]

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