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Best Fall Protection Harness: Our 6 Best Picks Reviewed + Buying Guide

It’s no secret there’s a ton of workplace hazards you can suffer from, especially if you’re not careful. This is especially true if you’re always working around construction or industrial sites. Today, we’ll review some of the best safety harnesses in the market that can provide you with an extra layer of protection while on […]

A Quick Guide to Roof Measurements

Before starting any roofing project, contractors will typically need the total square footage of the roof they’ll be working on. This will not only help them determine strategies, processes, and estimates for the materials needed, but it will also save time once their team is at the job site. For homeowners, taking these measurements might […]

5 TPO Roofing Problems: How to Manage It and Alternative Solutions

TPO roofing problems don’t start from the material itself. Even with high-quality manufacturing and reinforcement, it can’t live through its entire lifespan. We’ve found the most common TPO roofing problems: Adhesive deteriorates Punctured TPO membrane  Shrinkage due to heat High foot traffic Poor TPO installation We’ll give you a more detailed discussion of each one […]

Roof Melt: 7 Top Picks That Completely Remove Snow Off Your Roof

With these 7 roof melts I’ll be mentioning in a while, all that snow will be gone in time to put up decorations and celebrate the holidays WITHOUT a big lump on your roof. The best part? You’re saving your roof from damage! If you want the best pick right now, I highly recommend Green […]

Ladder Assist: What to Know About Getting A Roof Inspection

Has your roof sustained any damage from a storm? Did strong wind tear up some parts of your roof? Or is it leaking simply because of some faulty installation?   By now, you’ve likely called your insurance company about it and asked them to cover it right?   But hang on, they’re telling you you […]

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