Shoals Man is Finalist for The Bachelorette Contestant

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Shoals Man is Finalist for The Bachelorette Contestant

Florence, AL is Zach Blenkinsopp’s hometown.  Many in the Killen and Florence area knew him as “Blenk” growing up, but as a 32-year old single man, soon he might known as a “Bachelorette Contestant”.  While the shows “The Bachelor/ The Bachelorette” have been on over a decade, it still maintains its popularity throughout the United States and is always looking for impressive people around the US searching for love.  The show also has been a springboard for many contestants to better careers, interviews, etc.  The producers have found one of our very own to be quite intriguing!


Zach currently resides in San Antonio, TX most of the year with his two year old service dog Bogey running two successful businesses.  He also has an office in Decatur, AL and still comes home to visit his family quite frequently.  Zach is a disabled Veteran of the United States Navy after serving active duty for over eight years, but don’t think it has slowed him down.  Fitness, eating healthy, golf, hiking, and other physical activities are hobbies he really enjoys while also traveling the world.  With 14 countries down and counting, exploring new horizons is Zach’s biggest passion.

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Hopefully we will see him on our televisions very soon and learn more about this bachelor!

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