Atlas Shingles Review: Are They Worth Buying?

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Atlas Shingles Review: Are They Worth Buying?

Atlas Shingles Review: Are They Worth Buying?

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Inspectors, homeowners, and contractors rate Atlas amongst the top five brands that manufacture roofing products. Their products are of excellent quality and are affordable. The company specializes in asphalt shingles and has amongst the best warranties in the market.

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Fast Fact: Atlas shingles are considered good in the opinion of homeowners, contractors, and inspectors because online ratings are not always an accurate estimate of the quality of a product.

For instance, on review sites, ratings may be unusually low, while those on the manufacturer’s site may be unnecessarily inflated. Happy customers may rush to a manufacturer’s site to give a favorable review soon after installation because they are happy with what they have gotten.  

A few years later, a once happy customer may negatively evaluate a review site after the shingles have failed. In one major review site, 49% of reviewers give Atlas products both a 1 and 5-star rating. The 2, 3, and 4-star rating share the remaining 2%. The preceding clearly indicates that opinion on the shingles’ quality is split between the five and one-star reviews.  

Types Of Atlas Shingles

Atlas makes three types of shingles, 3-tab, architectural, and specialty slate.

The specialty slate shingles are the most expensive of their shingle lines, while 3-tab is the most budget-friendly. All their shingles are made with the same material.


3-tab is lightweight and requires more maintenance and repair than others. Atlas manufactures two brands of 3-tab shingles, Glassmaster and Legend. Glassmaster comes with a warranty good for 30 years that covers damage from algae, manufacturer defects, and winds up to 60mph. Legend comes with a warranty good for 40 years and wind protection for winds up to 110mph. The shingles come with anti-algae protection Scotchgard from 3M.

Architectural Shingles

atlas shingles1

Architectural Shingles have lengthier warranties because they are thicker and 50% heavier than 3-tab. Atlas architectural shingles come in five brands: Pinnacle Pristine, Briarwood Pro, ProLam, Castlebrook, and Stormmaster Shake.

Pinnacle Pristine

Comes with a limited lifetime warranty and anti-algae protection Scotchgard. These come in 19 colors and are wind and fire-resistant.

Briarwood Pro

Comes in six colors and with the best wind protection for winds up to 130mph.  


Comes with a limited lifetime warranty and anti-algae protection Scotchgard by 3M. They have wind coverage for winds 130mph.


Comes with a 35-year warranty and wind coverage of up to 130mph.

StormMaster Shake

Has features that help them maintain stability where conditions are extreme, the impact from high winds and hail, and to prevent cracking in high temperatures. They are made with an enhanced polymer technology referred to as Core4. Core4 features FlexCore, PolyCore, ThermalCore, and WeatherCore technology. They come with a limited lifetime warranty covering algae resistance, wind warranty of up to 150mph, and coverage against manufacturing defects.

Specialty Shingle

Atlas manufacture only one brand of specialty shingle, StormMaster SlateJust like the other stormwater slate, this specialty slate features Core4 technology. It also has anti-algae protection from 3M and the highest rating for impact resistance, Class 4. The warranty is lifetime limited against manufacturing defects and wind protection up to 130mph. 

Where Are Atlas Shingles Made?

Atlas roofing was founded in 1982 in Mississippi, USA, and expanded after purchasing some other roofing companies in the 1990s. The company presently has nineteen manufacturing plants across the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Pinnacle Pristine shingles with Scotchgard protector, one of their products, has been ranked by Consumer Reports as the top best in the market for its strength and durability. Atlas manufactures three types of shingles, architectural, 3-tab, and specialty slate shingles.

Atlas Shingle Warranty

atlas shingles roof

Atlas shingles warranties are above average. Their warranties are amongst the best available anywhere in that, unlike with other manufacturers, they cover disposal, tear-off, and labor. Other manufacturers cover materials only.

Their 3-tab shingle line, Legend, has a 40-year warranty, which is quite long compared to other 3-tab shingles.

Four of Atlas’s shingle lines have a lifetime warranty, which covers 50 years against material defects. Lifetime warranties typically cover 50 years. This is the same warranty period offered by other manufacturers such as GAF and CertainTeed for lifetime warranties.

Three of their shingles lines come with Scotchgard Protector, which protects against algae, come with a 50-year warranty, while the 3-tab with this protection comes with a 40-year warranty.

Premium Protection Period: Atlas warranties can be transferred once during this period, which lasts between 5 and 20 years. It is determined by the shingle line and if an Atlas Pro Plus contractor installs it.

The period within which a warranty is transferable is referred to as prorated period. The rules for warranty transfer are uniform among shingle manufacturers.

Where To Buy Atlas Shingles

This link from Atlas will show you where to buy Atlas Shingles in your area.

Atlas shingles are available in places where roofing products are available such as at Lowes, Home Depot, stores like Menards, and other such outlets.

Your local roofing supplies store is another place to check out Atlas shingles.

Atlas Shingle Reviews

According to a leading review site, opinion is split on Atlas shingles. Homeowners and contractors do choose Atlas shingles, though despite their not being so popular. Here we look at the pros and cons of Atlas shingles to aid you in decision making as you decide what shingle brand.

Here are the PROS of Atlas Shingles

1. A primary reason contractors recommend Atlas products is because they make a comprehensive number of materials to build an entire roof. The complete roofing solution from Atlas is referred to as the Signature Select system. The system includes the following:

Expert Tip: A better warranty is available when you install the complete roofing system from Atlas.

You won’t automatically get a better roof when you use the complete roofing system from Atlas compared to when you use a mix of quality materials from a mix of manufacturers. How well the roof is constructed is more important than the source of materials.

2. The Atlas Brand Certified Training Program. The company trains roofers on installing the products. Certified Atlas contractors can advertise the fact and give homeowners assurance of the roofing company’s expertise.
3. Homeowners like weather-resistant options, trained installers, and warranty upgrades. Their shingles also come with Scotchgard Protector algae warranties, which are lifetime (3 lines) and 40 years (Legend, 3-tab).

Did You Know? It is important to inspect the roofs in your area before you buy shingles and check for staining. Algae cause staining. If you find stains on roofs in your area, Atlas products with the best anti-algae lifetime warranties include the following, Legend, Pinnacle Pristine, and StormMaster shingles.

4. They have super high wind resistance, as they resist winds up to 150mph. Atlas roof shingles have a double adhesive sealant line and a larger nailing area, which improves wind resistance.

atlas shingles roofing

Here are the CONS of Atlas Shingles

1. Atlas has faced class-action lawsuits after homeowners claimed some shingles they put in the market were faulty. The court ruled against Atlas and asked them to review all warranty claims and pay homeowners for their loss. In warranties, the company has offered similar to those of other manufacturers, and they routinely deny claims.

Denied warranty claims are another consumer complaint against Atlas. The main reasons Atlas denies warranties are the following,

  • Poor installation techniques.

  • The company may claim that the attic was not properly vented, which allowed moisture to destroy the roof from the bottom.

  • If the installation is done over an unapproved underlayment such as rigid foam, Atlas may deny claims. Rigid foam insulation stops the transfer of radiant heat from the sun, which results in it being built up in the shingle failing.

Contact some contractors before you go with one. Go with an experienced contractor and crew and ensure they understand Atlas guidelines so that you follow them accurately.

Handy Tip: shingle failure can be avoided by ensuring that your roof is well vented at the ridge and gables (and if your roof is huge, on off-ridge vents).

Let your roofing contractor determine what adequate ventilation and the condition of the roof deck is. In case of a tear-off job, replace flashing.

2. Atlas manufacture asphalt shingles that do not seal well in extreme temperatures. Asphalt shingles need sunlight to seal well and should be installed in temperatures of about 50F or higher. When they do not seal well, moisture seeps into the shingles, which damages them. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover failure to seal.

The sealing problem affects most brands, and after installing shingles, they ensure the radiant heat of about 70F warms them to seal properly.

Shingles can be made to seal using roofing cement, but it is time-consuming and increases labor costs by about 15%.

3. Their shingles are not environmentally friendly as they are made from asphalt, which needs to be changed every 20 to 30 years. Few recycling centers accept asphalt shingles.

4. Most Atlas contractors do not bother to get the Atlas Pro Plus contractors, so they cannot extend the Premium Protection warranty.

Atlas remains a top brand in the manufacture of roofing shingles. They are affordable, and all offer excellent warranties that cover algae and wind damage.

For a complete solution to your roofing needs, try Atlas Signature Select Roofing System. It comprises starter shingles, the Atlas Weathermaster ice & water underlayment, and the Atlas pro-cut high profile hip & ridge shingles with a ridge vent. The complete roofing solution features the Premium Protection warranty, including materials coverage, no prorated labor, disposal fees coverage, coverage of the full roofing system, tear-off, and transferability.  

Atlas Shingle Class Action Lawsuit

Atlas class action lawsuit claimed that the company manufactured and sold defective shingles in many states for some years and did nothing to correct the shingles’ defects despite many customer complaints.

Atlas claimed that the defective shingles met standards specified in the industry and offered a thirty-year warranty on the shingles in its marketing materials. The plaintiffs who were resident in Alabama claimed the shingles did not meet stipulated industry standards.

The plaintiffs claimed the shingles were manufactured in a way that resulted in the cracking and blistering in the sun, a problem that arose when moisture seeped into them, creating a gas bubble. When the gas bubble created expanded in the sun, the shingles absorbed more moisture, experienced early granule loss, and had a shorter useful life.

The damage to the shingles necessitated their early replacement. The shingles’ premature failure caused damage to the rest of the roof structure and permitted water leaks. The plaintiff filed their claim only ten years after installing their roof and alleged that the company had received complaints from other dissatisfied homeowners but denied warranty claims.

The plaintiff also claimed that Atlas expected them to provide unavailable and burdensome documented proof of the shingle damage and blamed the shingles’ defects to adverse weather and poor installation.

The plaintiffs claimed that they needed to replace the defective shingles to protect their home from further damage but claimed that the Atlas warranty was inadequate to cover their costs.


Atlas shingles come with better warranties than their close competitors Owens CorningGAF, and IKO. If you have budget constraints, then Atlas shingles are a good idea since their quality is good. Do not consider Atlas shingles if you live in an area that is hail torn.

If the price is not an issue, consider other more high-end shingles like Malarkey and CertainTeed.

Consider Atlas complete roofing solution if you intend to live in your home for over ten years, as you will get the (Premium Protection) warranty. The warranty is available if you get a complete tear-off and replace your entire roof.

Ensure to select a roofer who is experienced, has an experienced crew, and has good reviews.

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