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Ice Dams – What Are They And How To Remove Them

You know you’re dealing with an ice dam when you see long icicles hanging from your roof or eavestrough during the winter. Ice dams can cause a lot of damage to your roof, shingles, eaves, and home which can be expensive to fix. This repair cost can get even worse if you don’t take care […]

What Deck Is Right For Your Roof?

Before putting on a new roof deck, there are essential factors to take into consideration. Depending on the type of roof deck you’re looking to build, using the right materials matters. Things like weight, roof-deck type, and structure are all elements you should look into when installing one. First things first… What is a Roof […]

What is Step flashing and How to Install It

One of the most overlooked areas of your home is where your roof deck meets a side wall. When the rain starts to pour, absent flashing in these areas put your roof in severe danger. Combined with wind-driven rain, the water can easily seep underneath your shingles and damage your roofing structure. How do you […]

Are Starter Shingles Necessary

Starter shingles: Why It’s Essential to Protecting Your Roof Every roof needs a proper foundation and structure – a starter course. For something as essential as keeping you safe from bad weather, specific steps are needed to follow the right order. That’s where starter shingles come in. They lay the foundation of what will protect […]

Why Your Roofing Warranty Matters

Roof warranty Before you purchase a new roof for your home, there’s one element you have to take serious consideration of. Roofing warranties. These thick slabs of paper can save you thousands of dollars if you read through them thoroughly. Understanding what your roofing warranty covers is even more crucial. To save you the hassle, […]

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