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Metal Roof Installations


Decatur Metal Roof Repair, Install & Replacement Services in Decatur, AL

If you’re looking for a highly-durable roof to keep you safe from harsh weather while helping you save money on your energy bills, Digital Roofing Innovations can help you with a metal roof installation. Metal roofing is a popular alternative to asphalt or shingle roofs. It is a popular choice for commercial and residential customers because it is extremely durable and can last for decades. The heavy metal material, design, and texture will give you the best defense against inclement weather conditions such as the wind, rain, hail, and other extreme weather. In turn, this will give you peace of mind, so there is no need to be inconvenienced by constant roof maintenance. Metal roofing also creates a nice distinctive look to your business property or home.


What is metal roofing?

Metal roofing, also known as standing seam roofing, features sheet metal panels that are joined together to form pans or seams that stand up vertically to catch water and debris that drains from the roof. The standing seam design can help lower your energy bills by reflecting the sun’s rays off your home. This will keep your home cool, which allows you to use less of your air conditioning unit, especially in warm climates. The durable metal material can withstand both rainwater and hail, minimizing roof maintenance.

Why get a metal roof?

Metal roofing is for customers who want a roofing material they can trust to last. Due to its high durability, it will be a long time before you need a roof repair. Our professional contractors at Digital Roofing Innovations are licensed and insured. Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities and we guarantee that our installation and care of standing seam metal roofing will be built to last.

We service the surrounding areas of Northern Alabama including Decatur, Athens, Guntersville, Florence, Madison, Huntsville, Muscle Shoals, Cullman, and Hartselle. With all the areas we serve, you can rest assured knowing that we will be ready when you need us. Call Digital Roofing Innovations and ask about how we can help you with metal roof installations in Huntsville, AL or any other surrounding locations.


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