The Best Rebar Tie Guns In 2022

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The Best Rebar Tie Guns In 2022

The Best Rebar Tie Guns In 2022

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Are you looking for a rebar tie gun that will make your construction process go by smoothly?

Do you want the HIGHEST quality from a rebar tie gun, but you can’t decide which to buy?

DO NOT WORRY! This article will help you with that issue!

This article lists SEVEN of the best rebar tie guns out in the market! 

Hopefully, you will be able to purchase the one that suits you the most! Good luck finding the best gun for your construction projects!

The 5 Best Rebar Tie Guns

This section of the article will discuss the 5 BEST REBAR TIE GUNS in the market! Tying rebar with these bad boys will only make it easier and more efficient for you!

  • It contains a brushless motor
  • 2- mode operation; single or continuous
  • Up to 5,300 ties per charge
  • Multiple bar tying capability

The Makita XRT01TK is the BEST OVERALL rebar tie gun on this list!

It can tie rebar in around 0.8 seconds, making it one of the FASTER products to tie rebar on this list!

The product contains a brushless motor that eliminates carbon brushes.

What does the brushless motor do anyway? The brushless motor allows it to be used for long durations due to its technology, allowing the product to run cooler and more efficiently.

The Makita also has a 2-mode operation – in a single or continuous tying mode. 

What’s the difference between the single and continuous tying mode?

The single-mode operation is for more laid-back usage – not needing to tie too many rebars. Meanwhile, the continuous mode operation requires many ties to do jobs.

The product having these two modes makes it one of the MOST versatile products on this list.

Do you have a job that requires A LOT of ties and constant work? Go for the continuous mode. 

Do you have a job that only requires your average ties? Go for the single mode.

You may be worried that you might get accidentally hurt from its continuous mode, but the product has a built-in safety feature that prevents accidental triggers!

No need to worry about being hurt accidentally!

In short, the Makita does it ALL, and you should consider buying it if you want a quality rebar tie gun!


  • Ergonomic Rubberized Soft Handle
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Adjustable tying strength


  • Battery-operated product


  • One-hand operation
  • Brushless Motor 
  • Supports multiple rebar sizes

The Max USA Rebar Tier is the BEST VALUE product on this list!

Do you want an affordable but HIGH-QUALITY product in your arsenal? The Max USA Rebar Tier is THE rebar tie gun for you! 

For starters, this is a lightweight product, so carrying it around won’t be a hassle at all.

Not only is it easy to carry, but it also delivers STRONG TYING that ensures maximum stability to your projects and foundations.

Who knew a product that is easy to use could deliver such STRONG RESULTS?

The easy-to-use design makes using this product not tiring to use frequently. So you do not need to fear getting tired from doing your work!

The Max USA Rebar Tier has a built-in brushless motor.

What can a brushless motor do for you? 

The brushless motor allows the product to perform EXTENSIVELY, allowing the user to operate much more efficiently without worrying about overconsumption!

However, a major drawback for this product is that it does NOT include a belt hook.

What does a belt hook do? The belt hook is what you can use to place your items by the belt area of your pants.

Since the Max USA Rebar Tier does not include a belt hook, accessing it may be quite a hassle for some that maximize the belt hook.


  • Sturdy design
  • Cordless
  • Comfortable grip


  • Short battery life
  • No belt hook


  • One-hand operation
  • Fastest rebar tie gun in the market
  • Over 3,000 ties per battery charge

The Pex Gun is often regarded as the fastest rebar tie gun in the market and is the BEST BUDGET option on this list!

This product is GREAT for those that need a rebar tie gun but are on a TIGHT budget. 

This product is also SUITED for those that value the speed of a rebar tie gun more than anything.

Doesn’t the product come in a kit?

Yes, the product does come in a kit – meaning it comes in with more than just the rebar tie gun.

The kit comes with two DC10.8V batteries, a battery charger, a coil of wire, a wire cutter, and a case. 

The Pex Gun has a built-in tension dial that regulates the tightness of the tie; the product can adjust the tie whether it’s too strong or weak, depending on its usage.

Do you worry whether your tie is strong or not? This product FIXES that problem for you!

The product also comes in with an ergonomic design, making it easy to control and well-built, making it easy for users to use it.

Because of its LIGHTWEIGHT properties, it is one of the better-built products on this list. So if you value how comfy a rebar tie gun feels on your hand, this could be the product for you!


  • Affordable
  • Superfast & economical
  • Well-built


  • Cons
  • Heavy battery usage


  • Portable Body
  • Adjustable Rebar Mechanism
  • Rechargeable Batteries

The Mophorn Rebar Tying Machine is a FANTASTIC product for users that want long-lasting results with a comfortable design!

The product features a relatively lightweight and easy to control design. It also features ease of use, high efficiency, and convenient tool maintenance! 

The USER INSTRUCTIONS will surely help you navigate all the controls to utilize the product appropriately.

What else does the Mophorn have to offer?

The Mophorn Rebar Tying Machine has an adjustable rebar mechanism feature.

What is the adjustable rebar mechanism feature?

If you use the Mophorn for your rebar tying operations, you can ADJUST the wire-tightening mode of the product.

So if you think the tie is too tight, you can adjust it with this feature!

The Mophorn is VERSATILE as well! It can work on multiple construction parts like steel bars, floor mesh, etc. 

If you’re looking for a rebar tie gun that is ergonomic in design as well as versatile in its functions, consider buying the Mophorn Rebar Tying Machine!


  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to control
  • Lightweight


  • The rebar ties are not the strongest


  • Excellent Battery Support
  • Convenient Accessories
  • Five different torque options

The Benner Nawman BNT-40 combines the Makita XRT01TK and the Max USA Rebar Tier and becomes its rebar tier. 

Although it is not as good as those two products, it combines the best aspects and is worthy enough to be in one’s shed or arsenal.

Like the Makita XRT01TK, it can tie rebar in 0.8 seconds! Like the Max USA Rebar Tier, it is easy to carry around and gives accurate results!

So if the Benner is similar to those two products, why should I buy it? How different is it?

The Benner is different from the two products because of its VERSATILITY in torque options.

These options are ranged from 0-5. Even if some products offer more, the number of options in this product is ALWAYS a significant advantage over other products. 

The Benner can still be easily gripped at the highest torque options due to its excellent designed grip.

In short, if you want a product that can tie rebar fast and is easy to carry, then go for the Benner Nawman!


  • Elegant built quality
  • Quick charging time
  • Comfortable handle


  • No belt hook
  • The rebar knots are not the strongest

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most FAQs regarding the rebar tie gun topic! If the article did not provide enough information for you, this section should answer SOME questions you still have!

What Is the Importance of Tying Rebar?

Rebar in construction is one of the ESSENTIAL things for construction to even work.

It ensures that many buildings, projects, and others have a strong foundation and stay reinforced.

Tied rebar is what makes walking around malls feel like it’s nothing. It stabilizes these projects and what makes them stand tall!

Tying rebar is what makes it be at the right place at the right time. It ensures proper spacing between them and makes it safe for others to walk on.

Constructing a project that does not have tied rebar is automatically a hazard for people to walk on because its terrible foundation could break anytime.

What Is the Best Knot to Use?

There is NO SUCH THING as the best knot to use in the construction industry.

The type of knot to use should depend on the engineer involved in the project. They are the ones calling the shots!

Despite that, there are different knots that the industry uses, namely the snap tie, wall tie, double-strand single tie, saddle tie, saddle tie with a twist, and cross tie.

These knots will always be ESSENTIAL! 

Do Rebar Tie Wires Rust?

Unfortunately, rebar tie wires DO rust, which will GREATLY affect its performance.

Rust makes the metal fragile, less effective and can cause the rebar connections to deteriorate, causing the entire project to break down.

Many construction workers HIGHLY RECOMMEND investing in galvanized or PVC-coated tying wire spools.

These wire spools have material that prevents them from getting rusted.

Combining these PVC-coated tying wire spools with your rebar tie gun will ensure that you tie rebar with the best wires possible and secure your projects’ foundation.

You do not need to worry about the deteriorating condition of your rebar if you know that you put the best tying wire material!


This section will briefly recap the THREE BEST PRODUCTS in this article! Do you want to buy the best rebar tie gun by the end of reading this article? Now’s the time to choose!

Best Budget: Pex Gun Complete Tool Kit PG101

The BEST BUDGET product on this list is the Pex Gun Complete Tool Kit PG101!

The product proudly claims its speed, comfort design, and lightweight properties, all for an affordable price!

If you want a lightweight product, ergonomically designed, and a rebar tie gun that operates QUICKLY, this is the product for you!

Max USA RB398 Rebar Tier

The BEST VALUE product on this list is the Max USA RB398 Rebar Tier!

The Max USA provides strong tying with affordability and quality. The product is for you if you care about spending a good amount of money on the highest quality of products.

If you want an easy-to-use product that is accurate and has features that make operating with rebar much easier, the Max USA RB398 Rebar Tier is for you!

Best Overall: Makita XRT01TK

The BEST OVERALL product on this list is the Makita XRT01TK!

The Makita XRT01TK is the product that has it ALL! It has versatility, longevity, and safety features to prevent hurting users and others. 

If you want the BEST of the BEST in a rebar tie gun, consider purchasing the Makita XRT01TK!


In conclusion, the Makita XRT01TK Rebar Tying Tool Kit is the BEST OVERALL product on this list!

The Makita provides all the benefits and features that suit us the best, and we get the best results using this product!

It does not mean the other products in the article are all terrible! Maybe there is a product that suits you more than it suits us!

Do some additional research if you want to know what rebar tie gun is best suited for you! Hopefully, this article was helpful enough for you to make that decision! Thanks for reading!

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