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Easy Snow Removal: Best Roof Rake 2021

Easy Snow Removal: Best Roof Rake 2021

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Ah, winter!  

Your area had heavy snowfall last night and you woke up to a beautiful winter landscape!

Now, you’re thinking about that hot cup of coffee and a good book.

And… a few hundred pounds of snow on your roof. 

Then REALITY hits you. 

You’ll need the best roof rake to get off all that slush or else it might collapse!

But not all roof rakes are the same.  They’re divided into various categories depending on your specific needs. 

Lucky for you, we’ve come up with the list of the best roof rakes!  So you can relax and sip your cup of coffee while reading!

The Best Roof Rake for Snow Removal

When it snows in the winter, ice dams start forming.  This damages your home and you’ll need a special roof snow rake to remove it. 

Removing snow fast reduces the risk of roof collapse. We’ll recommend the best roof rake for you!

Best Overall: Avalanche! Original 750 Snow Roof Rake



This Avalanche roof snow rake with a “snow slide” design first hit hardware stores in 1977.  No one can compete against this product with its patented “shingle-saver” technology! It wins every time in reviews!

It’s so satisfying to see how those big blocks of slush fall off! 

Removing snow without ever scraping anything else from the surface.  Super efficient removal without using a cutting blade.

What Makes It Stand Out:

  • Cuts through the snow like butter with its wheeled cutter frame.  Watch as it turns the white powder into large blocks that slide off your roof in SECONDS!
  • Lightweight. It won’t break your back like traditional roof rakes.
  • LONG REACH handle is easy to assemble.  Just snap parts together and start removing slush right away!



Best Value: Snow Joe RJ205M Telescoping Roof Rake



It’s known more for the company’s line of snow blowers.  This is one of the BEST roof rakes in the market today! 

This rake removes not only snow but wet leaves and other debris in a SNAP! It’s very POPULAR among homeowners. 

It gets the job done while standing on solid ground.

What Makes It Stand Out:

  • The telescoping pole has a twist-n-lock system.  It adjusts for GREATER OVERHEAD REACH!  The scoop-style roof rake telescopes from a 6.2 feet pole to 21 feet! 
  • Made up of high-quality aluminum blade.  It cuts BIG CHUNKS of snow, wet leaves, and debris from the roof shingles.



Best Budget Pick: True Temper 193055510 Telescoping Snow Roof Rake



This is the most AFFORDABLE innovative roof rake you will ever find!  It has an amazing push-button and telescoping design! 

Designed for durability with its aluminum and plastic material.  Easy and safe to use with its very long reach.

GONE are the days when you need a ladder and a shovel to remove the slush and ice dams on your roof.

What Makes It Stand Out:

  • The 24-inch blade covers a lot of ground quickly.  It’s great for small clusters of townhouses.
  • Made from non-slip lightweight aluminum and plastic material.  It’s very light at only THREE POUNDS!
  • A very STURDY anti-slip grip telescopic handle gives you FULL control.  You can scrape all corners from all angles.
  •  There’s a  button-operated locking system that extends it to three 5-foot sections!
  • It’s so EASY to scoop out slush from the gutter with the collection dish.  The reinforced scraping strip at the bottom STOPS ice formation in your gutters.



Most Weather Resistant: Midwest Rake 96022 22-Inch Aluminum Snow Removal Roof Rake



On our fourth spot is this durable roof rake for heavy snow that lasts for a long time. Thanks to the sturdy construction with high-quality materials used by its manufacturer.

What Makes It Stand Out:

  • Three separate sections have pin-locking adjustments which stretch up to 16 feet!
  • Its polyethylene scraping blade is 22 inches wide and helps you clean slush out of the gutters
  • Super durable with its weather-resistant galvanized steel frame
  • It may not be the longest, but it is the cheapest in the market.



Long Handle: Pro Value 96721 Head Snow Roof Rake



Have you ever bought a rake and later on find out it’s shorter than what you wanted? 

Our fifth choice has EXTENSIONS that make a BIG difference! 

If you are tall, you’ll only need to install two extensions.  If you’re small to medium in height, you can put together four of them to do the job.

What Makes It Stand Out:

  • The four extensions made of aluminum and reach up to 21 feet when assembled
  • Suitable for use by any person with any height
  • The rubber guard on the blade won’t scratch your roof



What Is a Roof Rake?

Roof rakes are pole-mounted equipment that removes snow off of your roof.  It acts like a shovel and gets the job done SAFELY without using a ladder. 

It helps with:

  • Getting rid of excess weight off of your roof
  • Prevents ice dams from forming
  • Prevents water damage as a result of ice build-up


There are different kinds of roof rakes:

  • Scoop rakes pull the snow DOWNWARDS into the gutter or the ground below. 
  • Slicer blades push UPWARDS, sending the snow down an attached “tarpaulin sheet”.  It prevents snow from landing on you or your plants.
  • Roof rakes work best on shingles and metal roofs

When to Clean Your Roof

When winter is in full swing, expect a weather cocktail.  This is your occasional downpour of ice pellets and snow.  

Most roofs can withstand heavy snowfall, but you still need to remove the snow once in a while.

It’s every homeowner’s responsibility to remove the snow.  This prevents roof collapse, water infiltration, and ice dams.

Here are signs you should look out for:

Low Pitched Roofs

Shallow-pitch and flat roofs are vulnerable to the accumulation of snow.  You will need to remove snow more often than “steeper” sloped roofs. 


Whether you had a winter storm or endured days of steady snowfall, you should check the amount of snow on your roof.

As a rule of thumb, check for every 6 inches of snowfall.

Why?  Because fresh snow that has just fallen is light and so easy to remove!

Massive Snow Load

Roofs are usually able to withstand at least 20 pounds per square foot of snow.  However, not all snow is created equal. 

Wet snow is quite heavy and weighs as much as 40 inches of “dry” snow. 

Take note that old and new snow combined gets MASSIVE.  Don’t wait for this to happen, make sure to remove the snow right away.

Ice Dams

An ice dam happens due to excessive icicle formation.  It results in water melting off and running underneath shingles, sidings, and flashings. 

Ice dams create a host of different problems like:

  • Mold
  • Gutter damage
  • Wet insulation
  • Peeling paint on walls and ceilings
  • Warped beams
  • Separation of sidings
  • Tends to damage shingles


BEFORE too much snow happens, you should start cleaning your roof! 


Damage Inside Your Home


Pay attention to signs of damage inside your home like:

  • warped ceiling
  • cracks on drywall
  • water spots
  • door frame gaps


These are signs of growing snow buildup on your roof.  When it has come to this, you will need the help of a professional contractor. 

Using a roof rake will be TOO LATE.

Choose the Best Snow Rake

 These are the things you should consider before buying snow rakes:


Because snow is dense, consider a roof rake that’s going to withstand the weight. Look for durable metal roof rakes, such as aircraft-grade aluminum blade or steel.  

Rakes with weather resistance will have a long service life. 

The best roof rakes may be heavier and more expensive, but they will last LONGER.

Your other option is heavy-duty plastic, but this is more likely to break. 

The Avalanche! Original 750 is known for its DURABILITY!  This roof rake is an industry-standard for heavy snow removal since 1977! 

This roof rake will last a long time with proper handling and care.


The best roof rakes come with ADJUSTABLE poles.   Find a pole length that spans from 14 to 24 feet so you can reach EVERYTHING. 

The longer the pole the more accessible but the less control you have.  You can pull out some segments to shorten it. 

Telescoping poles let you pull the pole out to any length you need.

It’s Snow Joe RJ205M Telescoping Roof Rake to the rescue!  It stands out with a whopping 21 up to 27 feet of total overhead reach! 

Its pole length can easily remove snow IN NO TIME!


Find a lightweight pole material that’s resistant to corrosion. Aluminum checks tick these boxes.  It’s the most common material used in poles.  Fiberglass is also another good option.

On average, roof rakes weigh about 5 to 10 pounds. 

The heavier it gets, the harder it is to use.  Although weight can drag down heavy patches. 

True Temper 193055510 is made of aluminum and weighs only 3 pounds!  You don’t have to worry about hurting your back after all that hard work on your roof.

Rake Head

Rake heads come with different features. Consider the width of the head.  The larger the head, the more area per stroke is cleared. 

Find one that’s about 12 to 24 inches. Some roof rakes come in interesting features to make your job easier. 

Wheels and slicer blades are a game changer!

Consider the material used for the rake head.  A metal one is heavy but less likely to break.  Plastic material is not heavy duty.

Snow Joe RJ205M Telescoping Roof Rake has MAXIMUM clearing power.  It lets you remove more snow fast with a sturdy frame that measures 6-inches wide by 25-inches long!


It’s important to check if the handle is comfortable and ergonomic.  Since the tool is heavy, you’ll want something nice to hold.

Secondary handles or cushioned gripping help take the strain off your hands.  A metal handle is durable than wood.  Wood and plastic materials break easily in extreme weather.

For tight corners of the roof, look for bending handles.

True Temper 193055510 is your best choice for this!  It has a comfortable handle that’s easy to control. 

The handle is of nonslip lightweight aluminum.  Reinforced with a wear strip made of polyethylene which will last through many seasons!

Extra Features

To maintain the health of your roof, find a rake that has wheels, rollers, or bumpers. 

This keeps the blade of the tool OFF the surface of your roof.  It PROTECTS your shingles from damage as you maneuver the rake up and down.

If your rake doesn’t have this, there’s a possibility to end up scraping off the granules.  These granules are responsible for protecting the wood.

The best example is the Avalanche! Original 750:

  • Wheels.  The wheels prevent the blade from touching the roof.  This reduces possible roof damage.
  • Snow slides—This is the plastic sheet that hangs from the blade.  Everything it touches runs down the sheet onto the ground as you rake it.  It gives you the ability to control where you want the snow to land.

Storage Space

Consider the SPACE you will need for your roof rake after using it. 

There are collapsible handles and some that come in smaller pieces you can take apart.  Storage won’t be a problem if you get this kind of roof rake.

The most space-saving is the Midwest Rake 96022.  Its telescoping handle has a snap-pin for EASY STORAGE after use.


Roof rake price range depends on the materials used in the rake.  You will find every price range in the market. 

Find something durable that fits your budget.

True Temper 193055510 is very affordable!  Very STURDY with its push-button and telescoping design, it’s the best BUDGET roof rake!  This is good for light snow.

How Do You Remove Snow from Your Roof?

Start from the first foot or two at the BASE of your rooftop.  Be CAREFUL when you clean flashing and gutters. 

Rough handling will warp or bend the material. It is a potential for leaks so keep this in mind.

Your roof will benefit if you have a rake that has rubber rollers. 

This protects the granules on your asphalt shingles.  These granules protect your roof from UV radiation damage. 


Here’s how you do it:


Step 1:  Stand with the rake in your hand and the blade towards the roof facing DOWNWARDS.

Step 2: Start with the area CLOSEST to you.  Cut off SMALL chunks then pull them towards yourself and off the roof.

Step 3: REPEAT until you’ve cleaned all areas of your roof

Snow Removal Tips

All too common, winter season roof damage brings problems. AVOID the worst by following these tips:

Don’t Get on Your Roof

It’s EXTREMELY dangerous to get up on a slippery roof.  Clear your rooftop with a long-extending roof rake from the safety of the ground.  

Tell someone what you are doing in case of accidents. You don’t want to be trapped underneath a chance drift.

Don't Let It Build Up

Even though most roofs can support heavy snow, it’s not a guarantee that it won’t COLLAPSE. 

If you leave it for some time, it puts your property at RISK.  It even makes the job of clearing more difficult. 

Remember to CLEAR your roof after every 6 inches of snowfall.

Use a Tool

Remove a few feet at a time with a roof rake.  This takes upper body strength but it will give you a good workout. 

Stand away from the eaves it doesn’t fall on you.  A telescoping rake allows you to clear your roof SAFELY.

No to Rock Salt

Ice melts and salt discolors and rusts your roof. 

Avoid using SALT to melt the ice on your roof.  It also leaves stains from roofing nails when it comes in contact with it.

Check the Weather

Keep your eye on weather forecasts so you’ll know when clearing time is.  If it’s above freezing the next day and your roof is under the sun, let the weather work for you.

Snow Removal Safety

When your roof fills up with ice it puts you at risk of damages. Here are some safety rules:

Learn How to Use It

Rake roofs come with a user manual with instructions.  Go through it briefly or watch videos online on how to use it. 

It’s not difficult to learn. You can figure it out just by watching someone else do it.

Inspect Your Roof

Before you even think of raking your roof, give it a thorough inspection (or have a roofer do so). 

Do this after the leaf clearing season is over.  Preferably before it snows (so that would be either in the summer or fall).

Be on the lookout for flashing that’s sticking out that you can hook. 

See if there are any shingles that are loose, curled, or cracked. You don’t want your whole gutter to come off while you’re doing it.

Gear Up

Wear the right clothes before you start. 

You will be outside for some time so make get ready for chilly weather. 

Also, it’s important to wear boots with excellent grip and thick soles.  Just make sure your boots and clothes will not restrict your movement.

Safety First

Have a safety rope or belt ready in case you really NEED to go to the top of the roof.  This will protect you from accidental falls. 

Clear the perimeter around your house and check for any sharp objects lying around. 

Remember that the roof is very slippery so anything can happen.

Stay Alert

A big chunk of excess snow can hit you in an INSTANT when you don’t move fast enough.

The steeper the roof, the faster everything comes sliding off and hits you. It’s anything but slightly humorous when you put yourself in danger.

Beware of Icicles

If your ice dam is severe, DO NOT attempt to take it out yourself.  Be extremely careful of icicles because it has injured people. 

Look around you to make sure nobody is around the area where it falls. 

Remember that the bigger the icicle, the HARDER it falls.  A cubic foot of ice weighs 62 pounds! Ouch!

Shield Your Shrubs

There really nothing much you can do to avoid plant damage during wintertime.

Slowly take off small chunks of ice so it doesn’t fall heavily on your plants.  You can also use a plastic tarp or drop cloth held by garden stakes.

Regular garbage bags can keep your plants from getting broken. A little preparation and caution will help them get through the winter alive.

Power Lines

An aluminum roof rake is as DANGEROUS as a ladder when it comes in contact with overhead powerlines.  

Stay at least 10 feet away from ANY powerline. 

Know where the external cables are on your roof.  If it comes through a roof-mounted mast, don’t go anywhere near it.

The Wrap Up


But we’ve come up with the BEST for you to choose from!

Best Budget Pick: True Temper 193055510 Telescoping Snow Roof Rake

We’ve chosen this as our budget pick for good reason! This is the lightest and most affordable roof tool in the market today!  It is sturdy despite it being partly plastic. 

The push-button and telescoping design are too cool!  It’s the most innovative tool we’ve seen in years! 

Best Value: Snow Joe RJ205M Telescoping Roof Rake

This brand has the best value because it’s so easy to use!  This roof rake quickly lets you clear out everything! 

With an efficient long reach and wide oversized rake head! You can adjust the height on its own without having to dismantle parts.

Truly an EFFORTLESS gadget that’s why a lot of homeowners love it!

Best Overall: Avalanche! Original 750

This is our best overall because it’s a TRUSTED brand since 1977! Truly a “shingle-saver” with its built-in wheels and fiber-glass material!

Watch those big blocks of snowfall off the roof through the blue slide! 

Cleaning your roof has never been this STRESS-FREE!  

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