Best Roofing Nailer for Home Construction Work: Our Top 7 Picks for 2022

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Best Roofing Nailer for Home Construction Work: Our Top 7 Picks for 2022

Best Roofing Nailer for Home Construction Work: Our Top 7 Picks for 2022

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You’re going to need a power tool such as the QUALITY roofing nailer if you want effective results for your roofing jobs and other roofing material needs. 

Are you ready to find the best roofing nail gun for you? Check out our favorites below!

7 Best Roofing Nailers

Metabo HPT EC914SM Roofing Nailer - Best Overall



This excellent roofing nailer by Metabo (previously Hitachi) is a MUST-HAVE for anyone taking on a complicated roofing job.

It’s powerful but still comfortable and easy to use, so it’s perfect for both beginners and professionals alike.

What Makes This the Best Option on the List?

Well, we love that it’s USER-FRIENDLY. Roofing tasks are no joke, so a tool that makes the process a LOT easier is always worth it.

This Metabo roofing nailer is EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT at only 5.5 pounds!

The power tool also protects you from potential harm because it comes with soft rubber pads and safety glasses.

It also boasts a tool-less depth of drive adjustment for non-stop and accurate nailing. This means that you can finish projects QUICKER without sacrificing precision or comfort!

Just because it’s powerful doesn’t mean it’ll wear out faster, though. That’s another great thing about this roof nail gun—it’s durable and long-lasting too!

In fact, it’s constructed from high-quality materials and equipped with a carbide-tipped push lever, so it can easily take on heavy roofing tasks.



Any Drawbacks?

This Metabo nail gun is a bit MORE EXPENSIVE than other roofing nailers. You’ll also need to purchase an air compressor and an air hose SEPARATELY because it requires air pressure to function.

HOWEVER, Amazon has a great deal right now that includes the air compressor. I would not miss this.

BOSTITCH BRN175A Coil Roofing Nailer - Best Value



Bostitch is another brand that’s well-loved by DIYers—and for good reason!

Their power tools, like this roofing nail gun, are known to be highly functional, versatile, and long-lasting, so they’re must-haves in any handyman’s arsenal.

What Can This Pneumatic Nailer Do?

For starters, it can fire nails at an astounding rate of 100 pieces per minute, so it’ll definitely help you finish your work at a FASTER PACE.

With a magazine capacity of 120 nails, you won’t have much downtime either.

If you’re concerned about precision and strength, then you’ll also be happy to know that this roofing nailer features an adjustable shingle guide AND a depth dial for tool-free nail depth adjustment.

It’s safe to say that this product will be HIGHLY EFFECTIVE on most roofing materials.

It sounds like this roofing nailer isn’t just QUICK; it’s FUNCTIONAL too!

With all those great features, you wouldn’t want to let go of this power tool anytime soon because this nail gun is built to LAST.

Top Tier Durability and Comfort

Its carbide insert increases durability, while its wear guards and skid pads prevent damage from rough, textured surfaces.

It even has a COMFORTABLE rubber grip handle that improves your grip AND protects you from arm fatigue, so you can work for hours without feeling anything!

How’s that for a pneumatic roofing nailer that costs less than $230?



Any Drawbacks?

The ONLY THING you have to watch out for is its DOUBLE-FIRING tendencies.

If you don’t pull the trigger carefully, you might fire an excess number of nails. Too many nails might be detrimental to your roofing project.

BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nailer, 1-3/4-Inch (RN46)



Looking for a pneumatic roofing nailer that’s more budget-friendly? This one’s a great choice—at just under $100, you’ll get a ton of useful features that’ll help you get the job done.

Like most roofing nailers, this nail gun can drive nails quickly and accurately because of its built-in adjustable shingle guide and adjustable depth control.

Its impressive magazine capacity of 120 nails also means you can work for longer before needing a refill.

For a budget pick, it comes with some pretty cool extras too:

  • The interchangeable trigger allows you to switch between single-shot and bumper fire mode, depending on what your project calls for.
  • The side skid pad helps the roofing nailer stay put, even when placed on a sloped surface.
  • The exhaust redirects air pressure away from you while the roofing nailer is running, so you won’t have to deal with dust, dirt, and debris getting in your face.

Clearly, this roofing nail gun makes the process EASIER and more COMFORTABLE for the user.



Any Drawbacks?

One important thing to note before you buy this nailer, though: Although the 3PLUS roofing nail gun is quite durable and high quality, it’s NOT the most heavy-duty option.

It’s great for small-scale projects, but it’s isn’t ideal for ones that require more serious work.

WEN 61783 Coil Roofing Nailer



Just need a basic roofing nailer to do simple work on your own roof? Good news—the WEN roofing nailer is great for DIYers and beginners looking for power tools to complete their collection!

This budget pick isn’t really comparable to the Metabo and Bostitch roofing nailers, but it’s a pretty good option for its price.

Why Is This so?

Well, first of all, unlike some of the more expensive roofing nailers, the WEN nail gun actually comes with useful accessories that double as safety features.

Each purchase includes a hard carrying case, a bottle of oil, and assorted hex wrenches for your handyman needs.

In terms of performance, it’s not too far from other roofing nailers thanks to its magazine capacity of 120 nails.

A shingle guide and a quick-release compartment for jammed nails make your roofing duties so much easier.

It’s DEPENDABLE for simple (but time-consuming) roofing work.

Finally, the comfortable rubber grip prevents fatigue, allowing you to comfortably work on your project ALL DAY if you want to!



Any Drawbacks?

One of the downsides of this product is it REQUIRES an air compressor and air hose to supply air pressure to your nailer.

Unfortunately, WEN 61783 does not come in a bundle set, so you will have to buy these on your own.

It also is NOT THE BEST in terms of quality and heavy-duty abilities, so you may want to look elsewhere if you are looking for these characteristics.

DeWalt DW45RN Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer



This DeWalt pneumatic roofing nailer is another great pick if you’re looking for something with SPEED and POWER. With a firing rate of over 10 nails per second, you’ll get that roofing job done in no time!

Now, that doesn’t mean that this roofing nailer isn’t accurate, though.

In fact, it comes with a depth of drive setting for easy depth adjustment, making sure that the nails go through tough roofing materials.

Meanwhile, its firing mechanism can conveniently switch between contact and sequential, depending on which setting is better for your specific project.

To reload, just pull open the side load canister and put more nails in!

BUT WAIT, That's Not All!!

Like many roofing nailers, the DeWalt roofing nail gun has a rubber grip for comfort and ease of use.

The cool part is, it ALSO has a non-skid nose to provide superb stability and accuracy even when dealing with smooth and slippery surfaces! It makes construction work so much easier, right?



Any Drawbacks?

You have to be careful and precise when pulling the trigger for a couple of reasons.

Double-firing might become a problem if you become too TRIGGER-HAPPY. Also, the last nail MIGHT NOT be included if you don’t keep a watchful eye on the DeWalt roofing nailer.

MAX USA CORP SuperRoofer CN445R3 Coil Roofing Nailer



The roofing nailer from MAX USA CORP has been getting many good reviews online because customers feel like this is a very user-friendly product.

Well, after checking it out for ourselves, we definitely agree!!

Just like some of the best roofing nailers, this option features a depth of drive adjustment, a sizable nail capacity, and a rubberized grip for comfort.

However, unlike other nail guns, it boasts a few extras too:

  • The nailer has a tar-resistant nose, a removable contact foot, and a self-cleaning filter, so it’s INCREDIBLY easy to maintain. The free end cap filter even stops dirt, debris, and other unwanted substances from entering the tool, preventing serious damages!
  • This roofing nailer has a nose magnet to keep ALL NAILS in place, preventing wastage and accidental jamming. This is an impressive feature, considering that most users have this problem even when using expensive options.
  • Lastly, its useful, tangle-free swivel keeps the air hose out of your way, preventing any dangerous falls.


I mean, you can probably see why this is a favorite among DIYers and roofers, right?



Any Drawbacks?

The nailer is a little pricey compared to other options, but you definitely get value for money, so we’d still recommend checking this one out!

Porter-Cable RN175C Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer



If you’re after a highly functional, all-around nailer, then you should check out the Porter-Cable Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer, which is comfortable and easy to use—even for beginners!

At 5.69 pounds, it’s one of the lighter options, so you won’t feel much strain even when working for long periods.

Some of its best benefits include:

  • A dual door magazine for quick and convenient reloading
  • Tool-free depth of drive for optimal shingle placement
  • Carbide inserts for durability
  • An adjustable exhaust that blows dust and dirt away from you


Those all sound incredibly useful when working on roofing, NOT JUST in terms of performance but also for safety purposes!

We also love that it’s built from high-quality and durable materials, which means that it’ll last you a long time.



Any Drawbacks?

One thing to note is that this roofing nailer can be prone to jamming, especially at high speeds. So here’s a little tip we can give you: Put a little oil in it, and that should do the trick!

How Roofing Nailers Work

Roofing nailers are specialized nail guns built for tougher materials like asphalt and fiberglass shingles, an insulation board, and waterproof tar paper.

Nailers help you install shingles quickly and securely when installing a new roof or replacing an old one.

When using roof nailers, it’s important to keep these in mind:

  • If you’re using an air-powered roofing nailer, get an air compressor that’s large enough. Roofing nailers are powerful tools, so a small pancake compressor won’t cut it.
  • When adjusting the depth of drive, always fire a test shot afterward to make sure you’ve set everything up correctly.
  • If your roofing nailer comes with an adjustable exhaust, make sure this is positioned away from your face so that the dirt and debris don’t go in your eyes.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable with the roofing nailer before switching to bump/contact mode. Although this is faster than single-action, it’s trickier to use (and more dangerous too!)
  • Utilize the handy shingle guide to ensure nails are evenly spaced!

How to Pick the Best Roofing Nailer

Are you looking forward to purchasing your first roofing nailer? Make sure to check this guide before clicking that buy button!

Also, if you’re going to invest in this specialized power tool, you MUST get something that’s both durable AND functional.

Here are some factors that should help you determine whether your roofing nailer achieves these qualities.


One of the most important characteristics of the best roofing nailers is DURABILITY. After all, you want a roofing nailer that’ll last through tons of heavy roofing projects, right?

That’s why you should always make sure that the one you’re buying is made from strong, high-quality, and weatherproof materials.

BONUS: Check how long the warranty of your roofing nailer is! You’ll save up on repair and damage costs if you purchase one with a long warranty period.

Comfort/Ease of Use

Installing and repairing roofs isn’t easy. It’s A LOT of tiring work, so the tools you use should make the process easier for you.

With that said, it’s best to choose a roofing nailer that puts the USER first. Look out for lightweight options with soft rubber grips, no-skid pads, depth of drive dials, and adjustable exhausts!

These handy features prevent fatigue, reduce safety hazards, AND reduce downtime, so you get the job done quickly and effectively.

Capacity and Power

Your roofing nailer should also be POWERFUL to perform its expected function well.

Generally, a nailer with a wide pressure range is ideal so that you can play with the settings of the air compressor depending on the amount of power you want.

You should also pick a roofing nailer with a large capacity (around 100 nails and up) so that you don’t have to reload as often.


Most people ignore the accessories that come with a roofing nailer, but they’re actually there for multiple reasons!

A nailer that comes with extras like a case, oil, safety glasses, and jam-clearing functionality is MUCH easier to use, especially for a beginner DIYer.

It also saves you time, effort, and money because you won’t have to go to the store to buy these separately!


The last aspect you have to consider is the price of the roofing nailer. There are MANY options in the market, so it can be difficult to choose among different brands and price points.

Fortunately, we’ve mentioned some of the best ones here, so you just have to think about the features you want.

Generally, we’d recommend going for the more premium options if you’ll be working on roofing projects often, as they’ll definitely offer you GREAT VALUE for money.

However, if you just plan to do an occasional repair here and there, the budget ones should do the trick!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Different Types of Roofing Nail Guns?

A pneumatic roofing nailer uses an air compressor to drive nails. This is the most popular type of roofing nailer for its superb and consistent performance.

Meanwhile, a cordless roofing nailer uses either a battery or fuel to fire nails.

This type is much more convenient and portable, but it also possesses less driving power, so it’s not suitable for heavy-duty projects.

Is a Coil Roofing Nailer Better Than a Staple Gun for Roofing Work?

Guns that use coil roofing nails are preferable over ones that use staples for one simple reason: Staples are difficult to install correctly, so they’re more likely to come off.

Coil roofing nails might be more expensive and more prone to jamming, but they are much better at securing shingles to a roof.

Is Hand Nailing a Roof Better?

It’s not recommended to hand nail a roof, especially if you’re dealing with a big project.

Although you have more freedom to work with different nails, this manual method is incredibly tiring and time-consuming.

Fortunately, any basic nailer will be able to do the job for you. Go try it out to see for yourself!

What's the Difference Between a Siding Nail Gun and a Roof Nail Gun?

A roofing nailer is designed SPECIFICALLY for roof materials like shingles.

Since these are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions and natural elements, they need to be PROPERLY secured. Otherwise, your roof could fall apart!

Roofing nailers also use special nails for roofing—these can easily be removed whenever shingles need replacing.

On the other hand, siding nailers are made for attaching siding to the exterior of a home.

Siding nail guns use longer and thicker nails because these aren’t meant to be removed. Sometimes, siding nailers can be used for framing too.

What's the Best Roofing Nail Gun?

The best roofing nailer is one that’s durable, easy to use, comfortable, AND powerful.

You might be tempted to use your siding nailer or regular nail gun instead to save up, but trust us when we say a roofing nailer is really the tool you need for this type of work.

For us, that’s the Metabo HPT NV45AB2 Roofing Nailer. Although it’s a bit expensive, we think it’s a worthwhile investment for any handyman!

Our Favorite Roofing Nailers

3PLUS HCN45SP Coil Roofing Nailer - Best Budget Pick

Looking for a basic budget option for your collection?

The 3PLUS HCN45SP Coil Roofing Nailer is a great pick because it’s extremely affordable, but it still offers all the great features you’ll need to fix up a roof.

BOSTITCH RN46 Coil Roofing Nailer - Best Value

If you’re willing to spend a little more, try out the BOSTITCH RN46 Roofing Nailer, our best value pick.

This sturdy roofing nail gun is quick, powerful, and capable of handling small-scale and large-scale projects.

Metabo HPT NV45AB2 Roofing Nailer - Best Overall

Overall, we have to recommend the Metabo HPT NV45AB2 Roofing Nailer, which has all the features we want in a roofing nail gun!

Whether you’re an amateur roofer or a seasoned professional, you’ll definitely appreciate the convenience and superb functionality this offers.


Indeed, there are a lot of roofing nail guns and other power tools in the market, but ALWAYS remember that the PERFECT roofing nailer is the one that you’ll still be able to use many years from now.

Now that you have all the information you need on the best roofing nailers, you’re all set to start on your roofing project!


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