CertainTeed Shingles, Should You Buy?

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CertainTeed Shingles, Should You Buy?

CertainTeed Shingles, Should You Buy?

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CertainTeed produces shingles top-rated amongst shingle brands in the luxury category. They make all other shingle lines, and this includes 3-tab, dimensional, or mid-range architectural shingles. The quality of CertainTeed shingles is a top performer of most shingle brands according to our internal roofing review.


Did You Know? CertainTeed Shingles contain more asphalt than most shingle brands. Most of their shingle brands weigh 250 to 480 lbs per square foot. More weight implies their impact resistance is highly improved, and they have better durability. Other shingle brands weigh between 160 lbs to 280 lbs per square.

What Type of Shingles Does CertainTeed Manufacture?

CertainTeed manufactures roof shingles in three shingle line categories, strip, dimensional, and luxury.  Sufficient knowledge of the differences between the three roofing shingle categories is necessary if you want to know what is ideal for your home.


CertainTeed shingles are generally rather expensive than most shingle brands, and their luxury shingle lines are pretty costly. Their stunning appearance and functionality put them in a class well above that of most dimensional shingles.


They come in the best colors, quality, and dimensionality among all CertainTeed shingles and are the company’s heavyweights that offer the best protection from weathering.  Carriage House® and Grand Manor® Belmont,  Arcadia Shake, and Presidential Shake are the shingle lines in this luxury category by CertainTeed.


Dimensional Shingles are the most common and are manufactured to replicate wood shake and natural slate beauty. These shingles are heavier than strip shingles and have better warranty protection. CertainTeed’s Landmark® line is their classical design for an architectural roofing shingle. This range includes Landmark I.R., Northgate, and Highland Slate.


The 3-tab shingle lines are simple strips and the most basic and original of all asphalt shingles. They are flat and have a slate look because they are made of a single layer of asphalt. They are lighter than other shingles and are the cheapest. They are chosen by homeowners who build inexpensive homes. XT™ 25 and X.T. 30 I.R. are the strip shingle lines from CertainTeed.

Where To Buy CertainTeed Shingles

CertainTeed shingles are manufactured mainly in the USA, and the company has headquarters in Valley Forge, PA. The company is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, a large manufacturing company with 65 manufacturing plants around the USA and Canada.


CertainTeed operates ten plants in the USA, three stand-alone granule production plants, and a low-slope commercial roofing facility.

CertainTeed is a reputable company in the United States, and the U.S., Environmental Protection Agency, awarded the company in 2011 and 2012 the Energy Star Partner of the Year. The company also earned the 2011 Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award.  The awards are the highest level for recognition for outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through energy efficiency.


Do you Know? CertainTeed is the most expensive brand amongst shingle brands. Yet, the company, like other shingle brands, constantly denies warranty claims.  CertainTeed Company, though, receives raving reviews online.

CertainTeed Shingles Reviews

Here are the pros of CertainTeed shingles from the perspective of homeowners, contractors, and home inspectors.


CertainTeed Company manufactures the most expensive shingles in the market, top quality and extra durable. Here are the rates that homeowners generally like about CertainTeed Company Shingles.


Transferable and 5-star extended warranty. The transferable CertainTeed warranty remains in effect even after the sale of your house, but only the first time the home is sold. The extended warranty covers workmanship for the life of the shingles, but we do not recommend it.

Class A-rated shingles

CertainTeed shingles are rated Class A, the best rating for asphalt shingles. The company has recently introduced FireScreen 3-tab and FireHalt dimensional shingles lines, both of which come with enhanced protection.

Cool Roof Shingles

CertainTeed shingles line Landmark Solaris and Presidential Solaris are well rated by the Cool Roofing Council to reduce heat gain in a roofing system. They meet California Title 24 cool roof requirements and are well rated by the Cool Roofing Council for heat gain reduction. For climates where solar heat is a challenge, the cool roof shingles from CertainTeed are recommended.

The best selection of luxury shingles

CertainTeed manufactures the best luxury shingles in the market. Their selection of luxury shingles includes Grand Manor, Belmont,  Carriage House, Presidential Shake, and Arcadia Shake.


CertainTeed also offers T.L. shingles which feature three layers referred to as Tripple-Laminate. The three layers refer to boosted visual dimensionality, longevity, and superior durability. The shingles have a profile that resembles a wood shingle or shake. 


Shingles in this selection include Landmark Solaris TL, Presidential Shake TL, Landmark TL, and Presidential Solaris TL.


Their 3-tab shingle lines include X.T. 25 and X.T. 30 I.R. In the architectural and dimensional lines, Landmark shingles in 30+ colors, Northgate Highland Slate, and Landmark I.R.

CertainTeed Credentialed Contractors

The company trains its contractors by taking them through the CertainTeed training programs to become CertainTeed ShingleMaster. The trained contractors are the best to contract to put up your roof as they are prepared to install their products correctly, even though this comes at a higher cost to the homeowner.

Home Inspectors

Home inspectors like CertainTeed shingle a lot because of their superior quality and durability. They consider how long a roof can last, how well the roof withstands hail and storms, and how well it resists algae and another staining.


CertainTeed offers shingles with the following qualities.

Excellent Impact Resistance

Their Northgate shingles are the Impact Resistant shingles of their rather famous Presidential Shake and Landmark shingles. Eleven of their shingle lines come with impact resistance warranties.


Their 3-tab shingle, XT30 IR, is one of the impact resistance shingles available. They come with class 4 impact resistance.

Wind resistance

CertainTeed shingles are heavy and thus remain in position even in high winds. The warranties are 60 mph for 3-tab and 110 mph for all others, which makes them just average. With enhanced installation, a better warranty can be boosted to 130 mph. X.T. 30 I.R. is a 3-tab shingle with an increased resistance warranty of up to 70 mph.

Premium durability in mid-grade and premium lines

CertainTeed produces rather heavy shingles with more asphalt than most other brands, making them relatively durable and with higher impact resistance. 


More resistance to algae and staining :

The brand has algae-fighting copper and a stain warranty on all its shingle lines. More than half their shingles have warranties good for 15 years while the rest are covered for ten years. Their warranties beat all other brands in this regard.

Roofing Contractors

Here is what roofing contractors like about CertainTeed.

The CertainTeed Integrity Roof System

If you want to put up a whole new roof, CertainTeed has a complete roofing solution that consists of multiple products that could be purchased as one. This is a primary reason contractors love CertainTeed because the complete roofing solution has parts designed to work well together.


The complete system of parts that work well together gives roofers confidence that the roof will hold out and fail quickly, which could put the contractor’s reputation in question. Here is what their roofing system consists of.


Underlayment: Conventionally, the material making the roofing underlayment is referred to as roofing paper or tar paper and is placed on the roof deck. CertainTeed makes two types of underlayment, DiamondDeck, and WinterGuard.  The former is a synthetic barrier that is water-resistant, while the latter is mainly waterproof.


Most roofs are made with both types of underlayment. WinterGuard is used where ice dams most likely form within the first 2-6 feet of roof and at the eave in areas with cold climates. You also install WinterGuard, where there is a large amount of water flow in valleys.


Starter Shingles are flat shingles that you install in areas where protection is necessary against wind and ice-driven rain. 


Whatever your choice of CertainTeed Shingles comprises the next layer of your roof.


Ridge Vents cover gaps at the peaks that are left in the roof decks. An essential aspect of roof durability is letting in moisture and heat to the vent from the attic.


Hip and Ridge Shingles You cover non-vented hips and roof ridges and vents with specialty shingles. CertainTeed shingles give you many choices to match your hip and ridge shingle lines.

Excellent Warranties

CertainTeed provides amongst the best roofing warranties in the market and ranks at the same level as GAF.  Only 4 of their 19 lines come without a lifetime warranty against defects. The company has upgraded its warranties for 2019 and beyond.


The new warranties have fewer loopholes and shorter starting periods when there is no proration.

Extended warranties

The complete integrity roofing system comes with the possibility of extending its warranty to cover tear-offs and labor. The best-extended warranty is suitable for 50 years with disposal and coverage added to workmanship. (5 stars). The 4-star warranty comes valid for 50 years with removal, and the 3-star warranty is valid for 20 years.

CertainTeed Cons

The main disadvantage of CertainTeed Shingles is their expense. They are the costliest in the market, but the durability and quality are the best. Selling your home will, however, make you miss the full benefits of shingles.


Their extended warranties are also quite costly and can add up to 15% to your costs. As well, if you intend to extend your warranty, you require to use a CertainTeed Credentialed Installer, who costs more than a regular roofer.


We do not recommend extended warranties since they are expensive and are a cash cow for sellers.


Fast Fact: Like most other shingle manufacturers, CertainTeed does not honor warranties unless the homeowner can prove delamination did occur. Most warranty denials are blamed on poor installation. Do ensure you get the right installer.

CertainTeed Class Action Lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit was filed in 2019 against CertainTeed Corporation over allegations that their Horizon fiberglass shingles had defects that led them to crack, curl, and deteriorate prematurely.


The plaintiff claimed that due to the defects in the shingles, his property experienced damage from water intrusion. The plaintiff also claimed that the company made false representations about its warranties since the norm is that they run for 20 years.


The defendant claimed that the CertainTeed Company intentionally and with full knowledge failed to disclose that its shingles regularly crack, curl, fishmouth, leak, and granulate well in advance of the expiry of their purported warranty periods.

Should I Buy CertainTeed Shingles

Buy CertainTeed if you value a premium product and plan to stay in your home indefinitely. CertainTeed has a ‘snob appeal’ for some buyers and comes in excellent quality. If you live in an upscale neighborhood and value premium products, CertainTeed could be a superior product.


If you go with CertainTeed shingles, be sure to choose a certified installer who has a reputation for providing quality workmanship. Interview roofers carefully and ask the right questions, check their online reviews and their BBB ratings.

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