Is Decatur Your Next Home?

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Is Decatur Your Next Home?

Wheeler Refuge

Many people who currently live in colder areas of the United States dream of living where the weather is warmer and winters have little to no snow. However, not everyone wants to live in Florida or on the ocean’s coast. For those who crave warmer temperatures but do not wish to move as far south as southern Florida, Decatur, Alabama can be a lovely choice.

Decatur fits the bill for people wishing to avoid a lot of snow. Overall, the average snowfall per season within the United States is twenty-six inches. In Decatur, the average snowfall is only one inch. However, this area of Alabama is not as parched and dry as some southern regions. In fact, the average annual rainfall averages around fifty-six inches, compared to a United States average of thirty-nine inches. Fortunately, this does not mean that Decatur has more precipitation days than the national average, as it has about twenty fewer precipitation days than the national average.

Average summer temperatures are warm, but not generally as scorching hot as can be the case further south. The July average temperate is eighty-nine degrees Fahrenheit, as compared to a national average of eighty-six degrees. In the winter, the average January temperature is thirty degrees, as compared to a national average of twenty-two degrees. All in all, Decatur is not too hot in the summer, nor too cold in the winter. Many people feel as though Decatur has a nearly perfect climate, consisting of four distinct seasons.

Just because Decatur is not located on the oceanfront does not mean it lacks beautiful waterfront scenery to enjoy. Located along the Tennessee River and on the banks of Wheeler Lake, it is sometimes referred to as “The River City.” Flint Creek, Lake Morgan, Chula Vista Lake and Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge also offer lovely scenery for those who enjoy a waterfront view.

There are many lovely houses along the river, especially in Point Mallard and along the Mallard Parkway. As an added bonus, property taxes are not too high, and home prices are affordable. In fact, the reasonable cost of housing is one of the primary reasons why Decatur has an overall cost of living that is significantly lower than the United States average. Other expenses within the area tend to be slightly below the national average as well.

Decatur’s overall economy owes a lot to the fact that it is a busy Tennessee Riverport. Because of the easy port access, a number of different companies have plants within the city. Tourism also helps the local economy, as the area is home to many events throughout the year.

Overall, Decatur is a mid-sized city with plenty of charm. The lower than average cost of living, coupled with the mild weather, makes it a nice option for those wishing to relocate further south. It is also a great vacation getaway destination, whether you want to enjoy annual events such as the Alabama Jubilee hot air balloon festival, or a few of the local museums and landmarks.

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