Flat Roof Maintenance

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Flat Roof Maintenance

Flat Roof Maintenance Decatur

Whether you have a flat roof on your home or commercial building, it requires regular maintenance to avoid unnecessary repairs and a shortened lifespan.

While a flat roof will gather more debris than a sloped one, it compensates for this by being easier and safer to walk on (just watch that you don’t damage the roofing material as you do maintenance work).

Beware Trapped Water

Because a flat roof is, well, flat, you want to avoid water pooling on it, potentially damaging the roof and finding its way into your home or commercial enterprise, causing serious damage.

The most common way for water to pool on a flat roof is if the gutters and drains back up, clogged with debris. So, put on gloves and clean them out by hand, perhaps using a hose to spray away loose, scattered material. But do not use a pressure washer – this might damage the roof and even cause the flooding you are trying to avoid.

Ponding or indentations on your roof are a signs that you may have pooling problems that need to be addressed by installing hoppers or automatic pump to remove the excess water, or by fitting drains or building up the roof, getting rid of the indentation

Trim Back Trees

Not only should you clear away dirt, leaves and branches on the flat roof in the fall before winter comes, you should cut off overhanging tree limbs and cut back any encroaching vegetation at least one yard.

Also, look to see if there is any vegetation, like moss, growing from the flat roof itself. This could be a sign that enough water is being held in the roof to allow the growth, which could eventually turn into a damaging leak.

Coping with Splitting and Blistering

A flat roof can blister when air is trapped between the layers of felt or the felt substrate. As the air heats, in can blister and then burst, letting water leak into the home or commercial building.

Splitting can be caused by stress or pressure, water ponding or poor workmanship or temperature extremes. Or perhaps the roof surface has not been properly maintained, or it has been damaged due to people walking on it.

In either case, you will need to get professional repairs done before the problem gets worse.

Expert Flat Roof Repairs

If you need to have your flat roof repaired or replaced, call our expert team at Digital Roofing Innovations. We offer 24-hour emergency service and 20 professional roofers who will provide you with the modern roofing solutions you need, results guaranteed.

We use Eagleview Technologies satellite technology to provide our customers with the most precise measurements as possible to create an accurate and fair quotation for your home’s roofing repairs or installation. This satellite technology allows us to get photographs and measurements of your roof, without the risk of climbing on a dangerous or faulty surface.

For customers in Decatur and Florence (or the surrounding areas), who choose to replace their roof with us, not only will you get the high-quality craftsmanship you would expect, you’ll also receive an AR-15, thanks to our “Buy a Roof, Get a Gun” deal. We offer this as a disabled veteran-owned company.

Schedule an appointment with our roofing experts today by contacting us online or calling (256) 445-8835.


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