How Long Does A Metal Roof Last? [2022 Update]

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How Long Does A Metal Roof Last? [2022 Update]

How Long Does A Metal Roof Last? [2022 Update]

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When would you know if it’s time to replace your metal roof? Are you thinking about getting a roof replacement?

Well, hold your horses! Have a look at your metal roof first before doing any action. While you’re at it, read this article to find out the best thing to do!

metal roofing


Metal Roof Lifespan

Many homeowners are interested in knowing which kind of roof in the roofing industry would be the best to put on over their houses.

Some homeowners prefer metal roofs, and some prefer others which is normal. The average lifespan of a metal roof depends on which TYPE of metal roof they like.

Metal roofs are more complicated and harder to install, meaning they can LAST LONGER.

Metal roofs last for 40-70 years and longer than you expect them to be but with proper maintenance and care!

This article will go deeper into the different types of metal roofs to know which one you should get!


metal roof 20 years old



Before That: What Are The Factors That Damage Your Metal Roofs Lifespan?

Even if you get the strongest metal roofing materials you can find, remember that there are still other components that you should be aware of.

Those components can cut its service life SHORT, but that’s life! Some circumstances come into the scene, which is bound to shorten some things’ lifespan.

Here’s the complete list:

Expanding Moss

Moss can speed up roof deterioration. However, different types of metal roofing materials prevent moss from being damaged.

But if you have organic matter on your roof surface, it would most likely encourage moss growth, so avoid that!

Even though metal roofs are not very receptive to moss, it still captures biological debris that increases its receptiveness.


Roof Color

You may find out about this now, but roofing colors affect how long they last.

A darker shade tends to absorb more heat, and a lighter colored roof mirrors heat that decreases the temperature indoors.

To keep a dark metal roof cooler, you may resort to acrylic elastomeric roof coatings.



Like every product in the world, they all need maintenance, including roofing systems!

Metal roofs give homeowners the advantage of being low-maintenance but little did they know that being low-maintenance DOES NOT MEAN you do not check on it once in a while

Avoid damaging your low-maintenance metal roof by having regular inspections by a licensed roofer, and make sure that it gets repaired immediately.

Have annual checks on your roof regardless of which type. Except if you have vent pipes or gas pipes, a standing seam metal roof would only need a bit of maintenance.


Roof Pitch

Pitch pertains to how steep the roofing systems are. It affects the life expectancy of a metal roof because a steep slope drains water easily while a low slope drains water slower.

Sounds complicated. Ponding water wears and tears the roof because it soaks up and makes the roof material weak!



You are wrong to think that a highly durable roof would last long, especially if it is NOT a properly installed metal roof.

The roofing contractor of your house MUST install according to the manufacturer’s specs. Oh, and they must also be a certified installer too!

Check if your contractor is licensed and offers work and other roofing materials warranties.

Surely other factors could weaken your roof, but the best advice is to have regular inspections!



The Different Types of Metal Roofing Materials

These are the different types of metal roofs to consider!

Steel Roofing System (40 years)

standing seam

Steel roofing is very adaptable! You can find one that looks like asphalt shingles, slate, or clay.

Fun fact! Some steel roofs have been installed since the 1900s and are still durable!

Compared to asphalt shingles, steel metal roofs can survive longer than shingles without major repairs.

Consider a steel roof a wise long-term metal roof investment! You won’t need more maintenance, and they last long.


Copper Roofing System (50-100 years)

copper metal roof

This type of metal roof system goes way back to the 18th century. It has a greenish protective layer that is called “patina.”

Copper roofing is also called the best among the other metal roof systems. It strikes both in appearance and durability.

You do not need to depend on a painted finish to ensure that copper does not rot. It’s lightweight and suitable for smaller houses.

Once time passes, copper roofing grows a patina which indicates corrosion, unlike steel roofs and others that need a painted finish. But it protects your roof by waterproofing it.


Aluminum Roofing System (50 years)

berridge aluminum

Aluminum is becoming more popular due to it lasting a long time and can be made to look like many other materials. In the picture above, this is an install of Berridge aluminum shingles. We love how this is the lightest metal roof. Aluminum will be a good choice if you live in a coastal area.

It’s energy-efficient too! It’s made to lower electricity costs and cool your house in warm seasons.

It reflects light and heat from the sun, and the installation only takes a short time because it’s light. Makes sense!


Tin Roofing (50 years)

A tin roof is not a very common material in the roofing industry. Before people chose aluminum as the standard, tin roofing was around.

You can add an underlayment layer to block noises from heavy rain and wind gusts or other weather conditions.


Zinc Roofing (60-100 years)

zinc roof

When you decide to use zinc roofing, ensure that your environment is clean. It’s corrosion-resistant, and contractors may do an installation on an existing roof with these!

A zinc roof is for environmentally friendly people because they are RECYCLABLE. Why? This metal roofing can heal itself.

If this metal roofing gets scratched, you don’t need to worry about leakage.



How Long Does a Metal Roof Last: Advantages and Disadvantages

Along with a longer life expectancy, the installation of a metal roof has its benefits and disadvantages:


  • Any metal roof material can withstand EXTREME weather.
  • Unlike an asphalt shingle, they are SUSTAINABLE so that you won’t need additional costs for maintenance.
  • A metal roof is REUSABLE. You won’t need to install a new roof now and then.
  • A metal roof is energy-efficient because it mirrors INFRARED light rays and reduces cooling costs.
  • Metal roofing is safe. Even when a lightning strike hits, it will not destruct.
  • You can install a COMBO of two metal roof systems.
  • A metal roof is stylish. You can choose from little triangles and other shapes. You can choose from various materials like clay tiles, standing seam metal panels, and more!



  • Metal roofs and metal panels cost A LOT.
  • A metal roof can be dented. It could leak.
  • Metal roof panels can be noisy.
  • Metal roofing expansion can cause damage. Neoprene washers and screws can deteriorate depending on the environment.




Here is the most frequently asked questions article section!

Is a Screw Down Metal Roof Better Than a Standing Seam Roof?

Since the fasteners of screw-down metal roof panels are more exposed than stand seam metal panels, they need more care.

If provided the right painted finish, you could get 20 years from a screw-down panel.

A standing seam metal would cost a bit more, but it can last 30 years with proper ventilation. It could even last for 50 years.


How Much Will a New Metal Roof Cost?

It depends, especially if you want to put two metal roof systems!

You have to consider other factors for a new metal roof and how much it costs.


Are the Painted Finish on an Existing Metal Roof Protected During Installation?

It should be!

If the painted finish on your metal roof panels was not protected, any form of dent or scratch could expose the metal material of your old roofing to humidity.

It can lead to premature rusting of your metal panels and affect their lifespan.


How Can I Make My Metal Roof Last Longer?




To cut it short, how long does a metal roof last? Thirty years minimum if with proper care and maintenance.

We’ve also shown you some of the factors to look into to prolong the lifespan of your metal roofs, whichever type you have.

Roofs make your houses a lot more beautiful than you think!

So if you need more help, you can always call for roofing services to get the best assistance!

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