Ladder Assist: What to Know About Getting A Roof Inspection

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Ladder Assist: What to Know About Getting A Roof Inspection

Ladder Assist: What to Know About Getting A Roof Inspection

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Has your roof sustained any damage from a storm? Did strong wind tear up some parts of your roof? Or is it leaking simply because of some faulty installation?


By now, you’ve likely called your insurance company about it and asked them to cover it right?


But hang on, they’re telling you you need to get a ladder assist because they need a full inspection of your roof.


They want to know what the real deal is on your problematic roof.


What on earth is ladder assist and how do I find it?


Don’t worry, it’s not an issue!


But, if you’re a little confused about what ladder assist means and why it’s done, allow us to explain!

What Is a Ladder Assist?

Ladder assist is when an insurance company or insurance adjuster asks a professional to inspect a roof that has been claimed defective or broken by the homeowner.


Typically, the homeowner will ask their insurance to cover these damages and ladder assist is simply there to make sure no false claims are being made.


The job of the ladder assist agent is to inspect your roof to be sure of two things:

  1. There is actual damage to the roof
  2. This damage was done completely by events outside of the homeowner’s control


It’s pretty simple, right?


Now, to clear things up even more let’s go over the ladder assist process and what actually goes on when a ladder assist technician is inspecting your roof.

The Ladder Assist Process

During a ladder assist your technician will climb up to your roof and do a series of checks such as:

  • Leak inspection
  • Checking for deterioration
  • Estimating the age of the roof
  • Performing a hail test
  • Checking for previous repairs
  • Marking out any signs of damage
  • Taking photos of the state of the roof and any damages found


Ladder assist inspections are actually quite remarkable.


Fully trained specialists come in with organized professionals with more than enough tools needed to inspect any kind of roof and roof surface.


They will walk, usually unassisted, fearlessly onto your roof at generally any slope and know exactly where and how to check for damage on your roof.


(We mean any slope, we’ve heard of these technicians climbing up and down an 18/20 pitch roof like it was nothing!)


Your inspector will spend some time on your roof to see all of your concerns are addressed, assessing any damage (should there be some), taking pictures and marking your roof along the way.


It is their job to tell your insurance company, adjuster, or engineer about any of the problems or damages that they find up there.


You will commonly find an engineer or adjuster on site while the ladder assist is being performed.


You’ll Receive Feedback Too!


The ladder assist technician will give their professional opinion to the engineer or adjuster about whether or not the roof can and should be repaired or even replaced. 


You’ll get a general idea of what needs to be done from the get go but it may take a couple of days before you get the full assessment of your roof.


Again, this is all in the name of transparency. Don’t think it’s a personal attack, the insurance company is just looking out for itself and making sure there’s no fraud being committed.


During this process there’s always someone that holds the other party accountable. 


The adjuster needs the ladder assist technician to make sure your claims are legitimate and reasonable.

Do I Need Ladder Assist?

If your roof has been damaged and you’re asking insurance to cover the repairs or replacement, then you will likely need ladder assist.


Usually, it isn’t up to you whether ladder assist is an option. 


In many cases, insurance companies need ladder assist to assess the situation of your roof because if you have a two-storey house or a steep roof, the adjusters aren’t legally allowed to go up there.


And let’s be real, unless you’re trained to get up onto roofs, who is readily capable of going up a two-storey house and telling you exactly what the issue is with your roof?


Really? Who?


So, if you’re looking for insurance backing, then likely, yes, you will need ladder assist.


However, that doesn’t mean making any choices on the matter is completely out of your hands. Of course, the decision about where you get your ladder assist is still up to you.


Given that, let’s go over a couple of things to look out for when looking for someone to perform a ladder assist!

Who Should I Call For Ladder Assist?

There are several companies and agencies you can chcek  to get quality ladder assists.


Make sure they have either HAAG Residential, Commercial, Wind and Hail Certification, NEI Certification or an EVS Roof Certification.


These certifications aren’t necessary but they are preferred.


It’s just like feeling more comfortable, for example, hiring a lawyer who has proof that they went to law school and passed the bar in contrast to one who doesn’t and just claims experience.


Every city and every state may have several companies that specialize in ladder assist and work solely in those areas, you won’t find a national association for ladder assists.


Remember to always make sure to check first where a company is based and how far they service off to!


You can start by checking out some of these companies if you are in need of ladder assist services.

  • Assist All
  • Austin SW Ladder Assist
  • Camco
  • Certified Ladder Assist
  • Cornerstone
  • Delta Claims Services
  • First Choice Ladder Assist
  • GRIP
  • Hancock Claims Consultants
  • KMK
  • Ladder Assist Pro
  • Ladder Assist Team
  • Ladder Now
  • Manta
  • Maxus, Miller Enterprises
  • MT Ladder Assist
  • Property Medic
  • Southern Roof Tops
  • Superior Roof Support
  • TruLine Roof Consultants


This should give you a good enough number of companies to look through while searching for the perfect service you need.


They are HAAG Certified, EVS Roof Certified, and NEI Certified and a lot of them specialize not only in ladder assist and roof inspection but also in roof repair and replacement.


So, you can be sure you are getting quality services and trustworthy sources!


Most of the insurance companies will offer services and companies that they trust themselves so go ahead and ask them too if you have no idea where to start!

How Much Does Ladder Assist Cost?

Currently on the market, ladder assists can range from anywhere from $100 to $1000.


Now, before you go and roll your eyes or tear your hair out at that $1000 (we know, insane right?) that is a premium price with services that offer more than just a basic ladder assist.


Usually ladder assists or inspections THAT expensive involve more specialization, a lot more people, and much more reports and checks than you might need.


So, again be sure you’re getting only the services that you really, REALLY need.


You’ll find that most basic ladder assists come at around $200. 


Most ladder assists will come with roof inspection, ground inspection, damage inspection on all roofing materials, and high definition photos of the damage. 


It’s also a little steep but considering that job is done properly, at least insurance will cover the roof, right?


Hopefully, we’ve shed a little (or a lot, actually we hope you fully understand it now) light on what ladder assist is and have shown you. It’s not a big deal, really.


It’s nothing to worry about and we are sure your insurance providers can help you along the way. 


Remember: this is a required process that needs to be done, so make sure you’re getting the right services for yourself.


Happy home repairs! We hope you find the perfect ladder assist company for you!

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