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Finding the Best Magnetic Sweeper for Your Home

Finding the Best Magnetic Sweeper for Your Home

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Cleaning up nails, pins, and other metal objects needs to be done, but it is no easy task. Doing it manually will take a long time.

Fortunately, the best magnetic sweeper is here to eliminate harmful metallic pieces in an instant.

Indeed, you won’t have to worry about missing a spot in the house.

If you want to accomplish household chores more effectively, here are 10 of the best magnetic sweepers you should consider buying.




Are you looking for the best magnetic sweeper on the list? The Neiko 53416A Pick-Up Sweeper satisfies that category for a couple of reasons.

The 24-inch magnetic cleaner gives you a balance of a wide cleaning coverage and compact size.

For starters, its spring-loaded telescoping handle reduces back pain and other discomfort problems. That is because you can adjust the height from around 29 to 42 inches.

Also, the telescoping handle contains a tight rubber grip for maximum comfort. You won’t have to worry about it slipping off your hands.

The magnet itself is also a strong feature of the Neiko pick-up sweeper. It can hold up to 30 pounds worth of nails, screws, and other ferrous metal debris.

The quick-release handle makes life easier for you because it removes all the metal objects with a push of a button.

Capping off the features are 7-inch rubberized wheels, which enable you to work on any terrain thanks to their reliable grip. [R]




If you are looking for the best magnetic sweeper in terms of value for money, you should try out the 24-inch Toolwiz Magnetic Sweeper.

What separates the product from the rest of the pack is its superior build quality. Toolwiz does a great job incorporating high-quality materials like aluminum, plastic, iron, and magnet.

The handle makes use of odorless silicone, so you have to worry about an unpleasant stench from sweaty palms. [R]

The wheels and their rubber grips serve as additional assets because of their ability to roll on various surfaces like carpets, grass, shop floors, and concrete.

In terms of carrying capacity, the Toolwiz rolling magnetic sweeper can carry up to 33 pounds of ferrous materials, 3 pounds more than Neiko’s 30-pound threshold.

Collecting extra ounces of nails and screws plays a huge role in keeping the house spotless.

The pickup handle found at the sweeper’s base is easy-to-use. All you have to do is pull the handle upwards for the instant release of debris.




A magnetic sweeper that does not break the bank is the Grip Telescopic Magnetic Pickup Tool. Hence, it is the best magnetic sweeper if you are running on a tight budget.

We have to start with the lightweight size. The handheld sweeper weighs only 1.23 pounds, making it easy-to-use and easy-to-carry.

Because of its compact size and thin composition, it can reach out-of-coverage areas. So you can use this magnetic sweeper for metal objects in tight corners or under the bed.

Do not let its tiny stature fool you. Its 3 diameter head has a powerful magnet capable of carrying up to 50 pounds of ferrous materials. Not bad for the cheapest product on the list.

It is also a suitable tool for those who have trouble bending their back. The telescoping handle goes for up to 36 inches, making it user-friendly and cost-effective.

The rubber grip adds much-needed comfort and tightness, so you won’t need gardener gloves to secure your grip.




Not to be outdone, the push-type magnetic sweeper from Master Magnetics holds its own with its unique set of features and functions.

If you have roofers trying to renovate your worksite and other large areas, you should recommend this product to them.

One of the things that stand out the most is its superior capacity of 233 pounds. That’s approximately 600 pieces of penny nails. Indeed, you can carry huge tons of metal debris in one sitting.

Despite the Master Magnetics floor sweeper weighing 40.8 pounds, the wheels make up for it by enabling efficient and easy transportability to various places.

Its rubber material tightens the grip, making it compatible under extreme conditions such as uneven grass and rough surfaces. [R]

The Master Magnetics magnetic sweeper product boasts the longest handle on the list, with a height of 48 inches. You won’t have to bend at all thanks to this useful feature.




The low-maintenance and easy-to-use magnetic floor sweeper from Fabcell does not disappoint, from its affordable price point down to its cleaning abilities.

Do you have little room for storage? Don’t worry. The telescoping handle has a built-in height of 28 inches, so it does not take up too much space in the closet.

Are you fond of maintaining good posture? The handle’s 45-inch extension has got you covered by allowing the Fabcell pickup tool to collect neals, screws, and other unreachable objects on the grass.

A 180-degree rotatable base makes life easier because it enables you to collect screws and nails from angles that are hard to reach.

Durability is the name of the game with its double aluminum build-quality. [R] The chances of your sweeper getting broken are minimal.

When you buy the Fabcell tool, it also comes with a hanging hole to store all of your metal objects. You can even keep your keys on the hole to avoid misplacing them.




SE’s Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool provides top-notch service for those in need of a reliable handheld tool.

Its stainless steel material guarantees that the magnetic pick-up tool maintains its magnet power. [R] External factors like rust and grass won’t affect the tool.

The SE product comes in handy for those who don’t want to deal with heavy equipment and machinery.

A distinct feature that gives it the upper hand over the average magnetic pick-up sweeper is the shielded collar.

While other products get all objects, including the unwanted ones, the shielded collar only collects the nails and screw you want to pick up. As a result, you get improved accuracy and consistent results.

Do you need more convincing? The telescoping handle has the ability to reach up to 30-inches, making it more resourceful than it already is.




If heavy-duty cleaning is your main interest, this magnetic pick-up sweeper should be another go-to option.

The build quality presents a perfect blend of lightweight and sturdy features. Materials such as plastic, aluminum, iron, and silver powder protect the rolling magnetic broom from rust and corrosion.

Unlike other robust magnetic pick-up brooms, the go2buy product only weighs 17.9 pounds. Not bad for a heavy-duty tool.

The telescoping handle can go for 29 to 40 inches, satisfying all people regardless of their height and overall stature.

“What else does it offer?” you may ask. 6.9-inch wheels breeze through the grass effortlessly. Their huge size and wide clearance accommodate those working on rough terrain.

The quick-release system saves you a lot of time because it dumps all the debris the sweeper collected in one go.

Why is this recommended for construction workers and roofers? The go2buy magnetic tool can hold up to 40-pounds of nails, screws, and other metal objects.




Next on our list is another handheld tool that does the job for homeowners. Enter the PT magnetic pick-up tool.

It’s one thing to collect nails and screws all over the grass, but it’s another ballgame to find metal objects in dark areas.

What separates the PT device from other products is its easy-to-use LED lighting. [R] If you have missing objects under the bed or closet, you can use the device to locate these metals.

You can even go outside and search for nails and screws under the grass at night because of the LED feature.

The 28.5-inch extension makes life easier who those who are cautious about straining their back.

Despite its small stature, the product’s powerful magnet can carry 8 pounds worth of metal objects.

If you are looking for a simple handheld device for everyday use, this PT magnetic device is your best bet.




The XtremepowerUS 24-inch magnetic sweeper satisfies most of your heavy-duty needs with its wide array of functions and uses.

With the XtremepowerUS’ 24-inch size, it covers a mix of large grass areas and smaller paths. The balance of area coverage provides wide coverage and convenient storage.

It also helps that it only stands at 17 pounds, so if you want a lightweight but heavy-duty device, you cannot go wrong with this magnetic sweeper.

The wheels offer a tight grip, which makes the product compatible with areas like carpets, rugs, and grass.

Both short and tall folks will find the handle useful because it goes for around 31 to 45 inches.

A quick-release system speeds up the process of eliminating and organizing all the metals you have collected.

What Is a Magnetic Sweeper?

Magnetic sweepers are metallic push brooms that clean up metal pieces lying on the floor. These include nails, bolts, screws; you name it.

If you are still confused with what they are, think of magnetic sweepers as modernized brooms that don’t need a dustpan.

That is because when you use the more traditional broom, some metal pieces stay in the ground.

With the help of a powerful magnet, user-friendly buttons, and strong rubber wheels, expect positive results all over the house.

The best magnetic sweeper a versatile one. Thankfully, most magnetic booms cover various places like commercial buildings, offices, and homes.

Some can even attract metal objects that are stuck on the grass and car tires.

With the magnetic sweeper, the chances of slipping or getting scars on your foot are minimal to non-existent.

What Are the Different Types of Magnetic Sweepers?

It may be difficult for you to choose the best magnetic sweeper because there so many different brands and options to choose from.

One may argue that all magnetic sweepers possess the same qualities and characteristics, but each type specializes in different functions and areas.


If small rooms fill up your house, the hand-held magnetic sweeper is for you. It is made up of a huge magnet covered in a steel case for additional protection.

Because of the magnet’s size, it can attract metal objects that have high ferromagnetism levels. Most handles are adjustable and easy-to-use, giving you a more enjoyable experience.

Push Magnetic Sweeper

This type of sweeper is ideal for most homeowners because of its ability to eliminate nails, screws, and ferrous metals all over the grass and your living room.

The best part is operating with a push magnetic sweeper requires little time and effort on your part. Basically, it works like a portable vacuum cleaner for metal objects stuck on the grass.

Forklift Broom

Unlike the first two types, the forklift broom contains attachments that you can connect to heavy-duty devices like a forklift truck and skid steer.

It is perfect for cleaning large areas such as construction sites, basements, and lawn grass.

Trailer Pull Sweeper

The trailer pull sweeper is unique because you can tow it to any vehicle thanks to its coupling head.

It also contains one pair of wheels so that it follows the path of your vehicle. You can choose to go for this option if you want to speed up the cleaning process and debris removal on the grass.

What Should You Consider When Choosing the Best Magnetic Sweeper?

Before you purchase the magnetic sweeper of your choice, here are some important things and factors to consider.

Although all sweepers possess essential features, it still pays to go over this section thoroughly to know which among the product satisfies your needs.

Versatility Against Extreme Weather

This feature is what separates the best magnetic sweeper from other broom products.

Can it still get the job done under massive piles of snow? Does it effectively eliminate metal debris in the middle of the rain?

If you want to get the most out of your magnetic sweeper, you need to make sure it performs well regardless of the outside weather conditions.


When looking around for the best magnetic sweeper product for your home, consider the type of ground you will be working on.

As a buyer or customer, you would not want a magnetic boom that possesses many features but does not yield results due to its incompatibility with the ground.

All surfaces differ in terms of magnet levels, so you have to pick one that matches your home’s specific terrain type for effective results.

On the one hand, a flat terrain magnetic broom suits concrete or asphalt surfaces. [R] However, they are less effective in the grass and other jagged areas.

For its part, the all-terrain unit works on both flat and rough areas. It gains the upper hand over its flat terrain counterpart because it can collect debris from grassy fields and rocky locations.

Most magnetic booms suffer from the “wipe-off” problem, which is known as the scattering of debris all over the surface after being pushed out of the magnetic field.

That is not the case with the all-terrain boom because of its wrap-around feature. Because of this, all your debris stays in place, thus making your life easier.

Magnetic Power

This consideration is self-explanatory. The stronger the magnet power, the better.

However, how can you determine the high-quality magnets from the not-so-good ones? Believe it or not, it’s not too difficult.

All you have to do is check the magnet grade found in the product description. It measures how powerful its magnetic field is. [R]

If you are unsure about your magnetic floor sweeper’s power, contact your local store so that they can provide you with the manufacturer specs.

You can also opt to watch video reviews and tutorials to help you gain a better understanding of the magnet grade.

The bottom line is you should not buy a magnetic broom if you are unsure about the magnet power. You might end up purchasing one that is too weak or too strong for the home.


Height matters when it comes to sweeping away the bolts, screws, and nails. If you plan on cleaning up the grass, a magnet sweeper with a 1-inch height won’t cut it.

If you want a new-looking lawn, go for sweepers that have a height of 2-inches or more. Not only will it reduce back-pain, but it also balances out pickup power.

The problem with relying on pickup power as your basis for choosing is it compromises portability.

Too much magnet power may pose greater challenges for push magnetic sweepers and handheld devices.

In short, it pays to find the right balance between the magnet’s height, carrying capacity, and power.

Debris Maintenance

The best magnetic sweeper is one that gives you an easy time handling the debris. [R] Therefore, when thinking about which product to buy, consider the following questions:

  • Does the sweeper have a lever or wrap-up option?
  • Does the product gather all the scattered debris?
  • How does it eliminate debris?

If you can answer all these questions, then you are on your way to buying a highly effective product for debris removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Maintain Your Magnetic Sweeper?

If you want a fully operational magnetic sweeper, you need to maintain it well. First and foremost, make sure you keep the broom in an area with a steady temperature.

Please don’t leave it in places that have temperates of 450-degrees Celsius or above. [R] “Why should I follow this?” you may ask.

The magnet power loses its strength and battery life by 0.2 percent for every 1-degree increase above room temperature.

Besides storing the magnetic sweepers in cold areas, proper maintenance entails cleaning them regularly. To ensure zero spots and stains, use a flat oilstone.

You also want to tidy up the areas to give your magnetic brooms an easier time collecting all the debris on the floor and grass.

Should the magnetic sweeper contain defects or broken pieces, you have to contact your local store right away.

Doing so will help you avoid maintenance issues in the long run.

How Fast and Efficient Is the Magnetic Sweeper?

We have to admit that using a magnetic sweeper will save you more time than the more traditional broomsticks.

As far as how fast magnetic sweepers do the work, it will depend on many factors. One of which is the materials on the floor.

If all you have to deal with are tiny pins, your sweeper will be able to travel faster.

However, what if you have heavier metal pieces like lugs, nails, and screws surrounding the grass? Well, expect a slower pace for your magnetic sweeper.

Besides the materials, you need to take into account the magnet grade. The higher the magnet power, the faster you will be able to collect metal debris.


Whether you are coming off a DIY project or your house needs a major cleanup session, you cannot deny the importance of the magnetic sweeper.

Not only does it keep the house tidy, but it also reduces a handful of risks like flat tires, bruised feet, and other injuries.

Our list went over the best magnetic sweeper for every category and house setting.

Amidst the differences, each product is easy-to-use and boasts important features, making your household chores more doable and convenient.

Indeed, there is nothing these metal sweepers cannot handle. We hope we were able to guide you in picking the one that best suits your needs.

For more questions and inquiries regarding our content, please feel free to inquire with us.

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