Roof Melt: 7 Top Picks That Completely Remove Snow Off Your Roof

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Roof Melt: 7 Top Picks That Completely Remove Snow Off Your Roof

Roof Melt: 7 Top Picks That Completely Remove Snow Off Your Roof

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With these 7 roof melts I’ll be mentioning in a while, all that snow will be gone in time to put up decorations and celebrate the holidays WITHOUT a big lump on your roof.

The best part? You’re saving your roof from damage!

If you want the best pick right now, I highly recommend Green Gobbler. It’s a fast-acting solution that works ideally if you need a roof melt this VERY instant!

But if you can spare a few minutes, allow me to show you my other 6 top options!

7 Top Roof Melts: Which Is the Best In the Market?

Green Gobbler 96% Pure Calcium Chloride Snow & Ice Melt Pellets - Best Overall

This roof melt is the best in the market, thanks to its calcium chloride formula.

What Does That Mean?

It works quicker than rock salt by generating exothermic heat that instantly melts even the thickest snow pile with maximum safety and little effort.

Worried you won’t have enough time to melt all that snow on your roof before guests arrive? NOT ANYMORE! Green Gobbler’s solution is one of the fastest-acting roof melts you can use today!

Not to mention, it’s safe for plants and pavements, and it’s compatible with spreader equipment for covering larger areas.

One down downside is it has trouble with thick ice, so it might not prevent icicles from hanging from the roof. Also, your plants and grass might get damaged if you overuse the product.



Pellets of Fire Snow & Ice Melter - Best Value

Worried that your melter doesn’t last too long? Well, this ice melt is known to be the best for long-lasting coverage.

Besides melting the ice away, it also works on various surface types and stops them from refreezing.

It’s known to be a quick-acting ice melt with pure CalCl that works in extreme conditions. It continues to melt during cold temperatures as LOW as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

This begins working on contact. You also get no stains on rugs and carpets

Still need more convincing? It’s safe for plants and does not attack concrete, brick, and stone. Sweet! It takes out doing extra cleaning from you.

Its only disadvantage is that it’s harmful to pets.



Snow Joe Professional Strength Calcium Chloride Pellets - Best Budget Pick

Looking for a budget-friendly melter? This roof melt is not only known for its cheap price, but it also contains 94% pure CalCl2 pellets, making it a fast-acting ice melt even for cold temperatures.

This quickly generates heat and penetrates anything that makes contact with snow. This product also melts faster than conventional ice melt.

It provides an excellent balance between affordability, versatility, and performance. WOW!



Blue Heat Snow and Ice Melter

This roof melt is perfect for cold weather and thick snow pile.

Do you know want to hear something cool? Its blue tint removes the worry off the roof because it helps identify if you have spread the salt.

Besides its blue coloration, it’s environment-friendly and has 52% CalCl that manages to melt ice and snow, leaving no stains while minimizing potential damage to the ground or the area.

Its defect is only cautionary to pets. It’s harmful if ingested by them or have near contact.



Play Safe's Ice Blocker Melt

This roof melt is different from the rest! Want to know why?

  • It DOES NOT contain CaCl! Rather, it’s mainly made of calcium magnesium acetate.
  • It’s an ice-preventer with organic ingredients that reduce damage to concrete, steel, and vehicles.
  • Has no toxins that could harm pets, and it comes with a user-friendly container. What a Score!

Although, this ice melt is expensive and prone to irritate animals’ paws. It also does not work well during icy weather.



Road Runner's Pet-Friendly Ice Melt

This pet-friendly ice melt melts snow and ice faster than rock salt and only requires fewer applications.

It’s safer for both the environment and for pets’ paws! Indeed, you have yourself a practical choice for taking out snow piles and ice around your house.

It melts down the ice during cold temperatures as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit, is colorless, odorless, and does not break vegetation.



Redmond Ice Slicer Ice Melt

This roof melt not only melts snow and ice but is also designed to be gentle on your pets’ feet as well as on concrete, driveways, and walkways.

It’s naturally made from sea salt deposits that have 60 different minerals.

The ice melt is known to be a fairly straightforward melting product that outperforms rock salt alternatives. Also, it melts quicker than white salt products down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you see a residual reddish-brown finish, don’t worry! This is normal! You can easily wash it away with tap water.

Another drawback is it could still irritate your pets’ paws. Fortunately, only a few complaints about this have happened.



Where Are Roof Melts Needed?

Roof Melts are not suitable for dry and wet areas.

They’re only necessary for areas that have cold climates and winter seasons.

Cold climate areas are known to create ice dams. They are formed when the space inside an attic along the underneath of the roof deck reaches ABOVE freezing point.

They begin to worsen after heavy snowfall because of their insulating properties. The snow traps warm air under and melts it. They also form in roof shingles and generate icicles hanging from roofs.

Why You Need a Roof Melt

To avoid accidents from happening and for ice or snow to gather and stack up the roof, we must take action immediately by using roof melts.

Ice melts are only for those who live in areas that often have extremely cool climates, heavy snowfall, and struggle with melting icicles hanging or getting rid of ice dams on their roof.

They are mainly for maintaining roof shingles and preventing icicles from hanging during the cold season.

Where Are Roof Melts Needed?

A roof melt isn’t totally intended to remove snow or ice completely or make much of a difference to the amount of ice built up.

Here are other pointers worth mentioning:

  • A roof melt is designed to create tiny channels in ice dams to allow water to drain from behind the dam and prevent roof damage and leaking.
  • It will melt ice and dissolve the liquid created from the snow or ice that melted.
  • The kind of mixture this product has drains the roof where ice dams are formed and works its way through the gutter and edges, creating a tiny path for water drainage.

Additionally, ice melts play a significant role in preventing slip and fall accidents, be it on the roof, sidewalk, driveway, etc., because it rids the surface of ice.

There are approximately 1 million Americans injured annually from slipping and falling accidents.

These accidents are fatal for 17,000 people a year. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to be a part of that number!

A huge reason for this statistic is their roofs did not have melts or pellet tablets.

Roof Melt Do's and Don'ts

Using a roof melt requires precautions. You NEED to read the instructions the ice melt product has provided to ensure the safety of the facility, house, and guests.

Although this is not the only mistake people commit when using an ice melt, this guide will help you keep it in check!

1. Don't Wait Until the Last Minute

People tend to wait until the last minute before using their ice melts. They see it as an effort to save both their time and money, which leads to an expensive mistake.

Waiting too long may result in not getting what your roof needs when you need it.

Using melt products at the last minute will only prolong the maintenance of your roof and safety during the winter season. So get a move on as soon as it gets cool!

Do: Make Plans Ahead

Include it in your to-do list! You should buy ahead of time and make plans to secure you have the necessary supplies to meet your needs and treat your surfaces.

Doing things ahead of time gives the benefit of not needing too much of the roof melt in the long run.

Preparing ahead will help prevent snow on top of the roof and ice from bonding to the ground.

When a storm dumps snow on the roof, driveway, and front door, some households just use ice melt after a mild snow occurrence.

Even a light cleaning of snow can create slippery conditions if the snow melts and refreezes as the day goes on.

2. Don't: Overuse the Roof Melt

People are mistaken about how a small amount of roof melt does efficiently than a huge amount which makes them use or apply too much.

You wouldn’t want to run out in a flash!

Overusing the roof melt leads to the product being unnecessarily tracked onto the roof, into the house, or facility and burns the vegetation underneath where it is applied.

Do: Read Application Instructions

Each roof melt is equally unique. That’s right!

The package recommends the list of quantities to assist in determining the needed amount for each ground area. It makes use of the product wisely and evenly, especially on the roof.

Putting the ice melt in a piece of hand-held spreader equipment for small areas and a walk-behind spreader for larger areas.

3. Don't: Apply it Wrong

Incorrectly applying the product will only put its function and effectiveness to waste. It’s also a waste of effort going up your roof if you DON’T know how to correctly apply it.

People overlook the necessary quantity for specific areas to be covered, which makes them use too much.

Now they have to purchase another roof melt because they used too much and misapplied it. Don’t copy their mistake!

Do: Apply Wisely and Correctly

Let’s both be wise! Yes, it’s important to get the right quantity, but you also need to make sure you use the product CORRECTLY.

For instance, using a roof melt that contains calcium or magnesium chloride requires protective gloves.

Product packaging will have a warning sign against using the product on a roof. The worst that can happen?

THAT rock salt forms and then spreads onto parking spaces. Eventually, it will find its way to the water system. No homeowner wants that headache.

4. Don't: Use the Wrong Ice Melt

Besides overuse, most ice melt customers fall under the trap of buying a product that IS NOT ideal for their roof or specific ice melting need!

Then storing the wrong ice melt for long-term purposes. Big mistake! Plus, there’s a specific melt for each roof, driveway, and sidewalk.

What makes these products different is how quickly they work and during cool temperatures, whether the product releases or absorbs heat upon contact with heavy snowfall and ice.

Do: Research

Think about your ice melt as an investment.

Most days, simple ground coverage will suffice. However, when the climate turns, people will need the right ice melt that will guarantee the long-term safety of their visitors, household, and home.

It is important to enlighten yourself on the various components that make an ice dam melter effective and safe and know whether an ice melt is THAT awful or not.

5. Don't: Keep Ice Melt on or Tracked-In

Leaving ice melt on the roof, floors, sidewalks creates potential damage. You don’t want that, right?

If they’re never removed, they will eventually harm wood floors by taking out their natural moisture and cause splintering and dry-rot issues in carpets and rugs.

Do: Properly Clean and Remove Them

The best way to prevent damage from ice melts is to avoid it from being tracked into the facility or building.

Consider using a vacuum to remove ice melt, rock salt, and other winter-specific soils and a mop with good detergent afterward. That should do it!

6. Don't: Store Them in Moisture and Sunlight

People often have the habit of storing their melts in compressed containers exposed to direct sunlight. This will cause the roof melt to absorb moisture, degrade, clump, and harden.

Do: Store Them in Airtight Containers and Away From Moisture and Sunlight

To keep a roof melt from degrading, be sure to store them in airtight containers and have them sealed properly.

Doing these will prevent them from becoming brittle due to ultraviolet exposure. It will also provide an extra level of protection from moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes An Ice Dam?

The usual culprit behind an ice dam is insufficient ventilation in the attic.

If it’s not capable of breathing out excessive heat from the living spaces below, the plane on the roof becomes warmer than its edges.

When roof temperatures exceed a certain point, the snow dissolves into liquid, flows down, and creates icicles hanging.

How Does It Affect the Roof?

They are nothing but DESTRUCTIVE! They add a huge amount of stress to your roof because the ice weighs about 57 pounds.

Leakage is also a concern because it causes it to remain in place and spread towards other areas.

How Are They Prevented?

Aside from ensuring proper attic ventilation, buying a roof melt is the BEST WAY to inhibit ice damming formation.

Melts will help prevent them from reforming. These also maintain your roof, gutter, and downspouts clean and free-flowing.

It will also melt and tackle loads from the roof, sidewalk, driveway, and parking garage promptly.

How We Chose the Best

In choosing among the top ice melts, we’ve considered the animals that could wander in your area along with your pets.

There were so MANY choices to choose from.

However, we’ve narrowed it down to these picks keeping in mind that each household has a different kind of roof which would also affect the choice of melt necessary.

We’ve included the following criteria:

  • How quick of a melt the product is
  • How beneficial it is for the common kind of roof
  • Does the roof have shingles

We’ve also made sure that all of our picks are safe, affordable, and capable of dissolving ice and snow on areas around the roof and home fast and effectively.

A Recap of the Top Picks

Best Budget Pick - Snow Joe Professional Strength Calcium Chloride Pellets

This melter provides excellent quality at a reasonable price tag.

Not only is it affordable, but it also has a unique formulation of CalCl pellets that accelerates the melting process.

On top of that, it is versatile to melt snow and ice faster than conventional melts, which makes remarkable results!

Best Value - The Pellets of Fire Snow & Ice Melter

This product has stood out to be having the best value for its long-lasting coverage.

Aside from being a quick-acting ice melt that functions in extreme conditions, it does no damage and leaves no stains at all.

Best Overall - Green Gobbler 96% Pure CalCl Snow & Melt Pellets

This product still has the entitlement to being the best overall.

However, it is expensive. The reason is its feature of generating exothermic heat that instantly,

It’s a quick-acting ice melt that’s compatible with spreader equipment to cover large and small areas. Neat!


With this guide, rest assured, whichever product you choose will surely be beneficial and enough to meet your needs.

You’ll have those icicles hanging on your roof removed in NO TIME! Your roof will become fully protected and ready to take on the chilly holiday season!

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