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Using Roofing SEO to Grow Your Roofing Business

Using Roofing SEO to Grow Your Roofing Business

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When I wanted to start a roofing company, I knew the best way to get steady clients was for them to be able to find me on Google. To be honest, I know more about marketing than I do about running a roofing company.

With our knowledge about SEO in the roofing industry we have made over $2,000,000 in profit over the last few years (not bad for an Alabama market).

Here is a snapshot of my growth. At the time of this article, I am getting around 20,000 visits per month.


People browse through the internet in search of the best roofing services. Because of this, most roofers establish their online presence.

SEO takes a long time and depending on your market, it can be expensive.

My goal in this article is to introduce you to SEO for roofing. I’ll be 100% clear that this takes a lot of time and effort. It’s best to hire someone in-house with loads of experience or to hire a company that specializes in this.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your page visibility in search results. The more visible your page is in search results, the more chances you can attract customers.

Nowadays, people browse search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo for their queries. Most sites relevant to their needs are what shows first in the search results.

It’s because these websites are search engine optimized. This considers their content and rankings.

In SEO, you deal with keywords, content, and web design, among many other factors.

It’s important to know that SEO differs from paid ads. SEO is an organic process that grows over a long period.

While it takes a long time to rank higher, you won’t have to exhaust your budget to attract customers.

What Is Roofing SEO?

Imagine your potential clients searching for the best roofing services in town.

Upon hitting ‘enter,’ your roofing website shows first on Google’s engine results. Without hesitation, they click it.

Additionally, the more people go to your page, the more sales you garner. That’s the kind of visibility you need to be aiming for in your roofing company.

SEO for roofers helps your business rank higher than others.

People tend to visit the first pages in search results. You can then garner more potential customers.

Compared to the general SEO process, roofing SEO follows a specific strategy.

It focuses on targeting locals with specific roofing needs. To rank up, your roofing website should have relevant content to roofing queries.

You should also tailor-fit your content to the roofing industry.

Is Roofing SEO Any Different From Others?

Yes! This is important to understand.

You should only care about customers in your area. Therefore, you want to research your keywords carefully.

For example, what do you think would bring more customers “best roofing services in (your city) or “best roofing shingle“?

There is almost no chance the person searching for the latter is in your market and going to be a potential customer.

When people search for roofing services online, they look for local roofing businesses.

In search engines, they type in phrases like “nearest roofer” or “roofer in (city).”

For roofers, you should follow a local SEO strategy first. Your business gets to compete with others in the same city or state.

How Does Roofer SEO Work?

Roofing SEO helps roofing contractors garner more customers into their websites. Unlike paid ads, search engine optimization allows your potential customers to find you.

It takes more than keywords to pull off effective roofer SEO for your business. Getting your page to rank first in search engines is only one of the crucial steps.

With the right content, you can convert page visitors into buyers.

Among other factors are keywords structure, content optimization, page design, and analytics tools.

On-Site Roofing SEO Strategy

In applying SEO for roofers, we target on-site SEO first.

This combines strong keywords and page improvements to create a better user experience.

Once optimized, engines and users will find it easier to classify your website as relevant or not.

Below are factors you should consider for on-site SEO for roofers:

Define Your Roofing Keywords

To have a strong keyword selection, think of how your customers will find your business. It’s easier to define your roofing keywords once you’ve decided on a targeted audience.

These keywords should reflect what ideal visitors type into the Google search bar.

You also need to know how people are looking for the products, services, or information you offer.

Otherwise, your potential leads could end up on someone else’s page. You lose the opportunity of sales conversions when your keywords don’t lead to you.

General Roofing Keywords

General roofing keywords are the most common terms related to your business. These are keywords and phrases like roofing, roofersroofing services, and roofing contractors.

I’d suggest you also include the area of your service for you to capture your ideal market.

These are high volume keywords that you will ride on to rank higher. The competition for these high-volume keywords is also stiff.

This is why you should mix in some frequently-searched keywords.

Example phrases are “roofers in California,” “roofing services on Yelp,” or “roof repairs.”

Specific Roofing Service Keywords

Once you’re set with general roofing keywords, your next focus is on services. People with roofing needs will input service-specific phrases on the Google search bar.

Example phrases are “shingle replacement,” “tile repairs,” or “roof restoration.”

Instead of looking for a business, it’s easier for them to search for the services they need. The great thing about Google search is how they suggest phrases that most people search for.

You can mix general keywords with these roofing phrases. With this, you can manage your potential website visitors.

Roofing Keywords Structure

When people type in their roofing queries, they follow a certain structure. It helps them find a specific business within their area.

An example of this phrase is “residential roofing repairs in Virginia Beach.”

Make sure you follow a specific keyword structure to reflect your roofing business. Your potential visitors are likely to type in general keywords first.

For a commercial roofing company, an example is “commercial roofing services in LA.”

For service-specific phrases, an example is “commercial shingles installation in LA.”

Keywords Search Tools

It takes time to build strong keywords for your website if you do the research yourself. You could lose the opportunities to target those that make your website presence stronger.

I’d suggest you use tools like Jaaxy, Google keyword planner, and Ahrefs.

These tools provide useful information like competition, search volume, and potential traffic.

Optimize Website Structure and Content

Think about when your customers visit your page. Are the contents easy to navigate? Can your customers have a pleasant experience browsing through your roofing website?

Roofing SEO entails optimizing your website for visitors and search engines.

When you link pages with another, they should be seamless to navigate through. Each page should have a separate content from the rest.

Your goal is to keep generating more visitors to your website.

Customize Website Content

This involves creating content that focuses on your business products and services.

This type of content answers your potential customers’ queries through engaging posts, mainly if it provides informative content on roofing. People spend countless hours searching for roof-related queries.

You can create articles or blog posts that cater to these. Additionally, your website must reflect quality writing.

These posts should follow correct grammar and proofreading to reflect your business well. Having all the information your potential customers need improves your online presence.

Optimize Web Design

Web design is one of the crucial aspects of keeping visitors on your page. It’s like how we navigate a website that looks old or feels sketchy.

When it feels less authentic, we’re driven to look for an alternative website.

Little do we know that Google bases this data for rankings. They trace the rate of users who click back after visiting a page.

They spend a brief time on your page before they decide to keep browsing. In SEO, it’s termed as your bounce rate.

When this happens, it affects your website ranking on search results, which is why it’s essential to keep updating your web design and operations.

If visitors like what they see on your page, they stay longer. Additionally, there are more chances for sales conversions.

Location and Information

Your homepage should show relevant details of your business to your visitors because some unauthorized websites keep their information hidden.

Make your location, services, and phone number visible to customers from the homepage. They should have access to these details in less than one click.

You can also insert a “message us” option for visitors with queries.

They can leave their message, email, and phone number until you can get back to them.

Free Call-to-Action

Adding a free call-to-action is optional. It comes in a banner form or a button on your homepage.

It’s a great way to entice customers, but it’ll also depend on the budget you’re willing to spare.

You can promote free consultations or quotations. This can help your webpage visitors get a feel for your services.

Once they engage, it’s easier to convert them compared to having them browse your page.

Photos and Videos of Your Roofing Works

The difference from one roofing company to another is the quality of their work.

Potential clients are quick to judge the price you put on your services. You’ll have to sell your previous works to convince them.

You can do this in the form of photos or videos to give them more perspective.

If they like what they see, you can convert them into buyers in no time.

Use Tracking Tools

Your goal in roofing SEO is to let people recognize you first against other roofing companies. You also want to make sure your website is scoring better against other roofing contractors.

There are free tool likes Google Analytics to improve your search engine optimization.

Google Analytics provides you data on keyword ranking and website traffic.

It also allows you to see how well you’re doing against competitors and on search engines.

Add a Sitemap

This leans more towards technical search engine optimization. If you want your page to rank high, you should have an XML sitemap.

A sitemap is a file containing all pages of your website. Additionally, you want Google to crawl through all pages of your website.

With an XML sitemap, it allows Google to index all these pages. As a result, search engines will also help boost your SEO page ranking.

Increase Website Security

Due to evolving SEO algorithms, cyber-attacks are also emerging. With your site unsecured, you could face spam injections or malware infections.

You can boost your website SEO by reinforcing its security. It takes three steps to do this:

Moderate Comment Spam

Spam links associated with your website can harm your SEO. Hackers can place malicious or irrelevant links on your page through spam comments.

These can harm your business page’s credibility, preventing users from access. To prevent this, it’s crucial to manage the comments on your blog.

You can automate this using captcha or Content Management System (CMS). Additionally, also limit or disable anonymous posting.

Scan Your Website for Malware

Malware and malicious links can make their way into your website code. Apart from its negative impact on your SEO, it can also harm your visitors.

Malware links appear like regular codes on your website. Due to this, it’s tricky to reverse or rewrite.

It also affects your SEO improvements in the meantime, and you may find it hard to notice.

Instead of searching for these codes line-by-line, you can use a website scanning tool.

Cache Website Data With a CDN

One of the problems caused by malicious links is your website load speed. Risking this can drive away your page visitors.

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a website optimization infrastructure.

It optimizes your website by caching the contents of your page. It’s then distributed to data centers globally.

CDN helps speed up your load speed while blocking out spammers. It’s crucial for your roofing business, especially if you wish to target a global audience.

Optimize Site Speed

How fast your website loads plays a critical factor in SEO ranking. Nowadays, most internet users browse using their mobile phones.

Make sure to optimize your website for both desktop and mobile.

If it takes a while for your page to load, visitors end up returning to the search results.

A study shows that a load speed takingmore than 3 seconds drives away a majority of mobile users.

Off-Site Roofing SEO Strategy

When you’re trying to rank higher in search engines, off-site roofing SEO plays a significant role.

This includes increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic. You can do this through link building.

As a digital marketing strategy, you can integrate social media for your online presence.

Make Use of Linking

In SEO, you can drive more traffic to your website by creating inbound links.

To do this, you’ll have to link to other high-ranking and relevant websites. The contents of these pages should be within the roofing industry.

It gets tricky as you don’t want to make a mistake by linking to competitor sites. To prevent this, make sure your inbound links are to authoritative pages.

Use Listings

It’s easy for people to discover your roofing business through high-ranked listings.

These include directories like Google My Business and Google Maps. Potential customers can also find you in top roofer directories online.

You can get citations from the best roofer directories to improve your SEO.

Ensure Consistent Information

You should display consistent and relevant information about your roofing company.

Always remember to base it on NAP. These are your business name, address, and phone number.

Platforms like Facebook or Google base these for boosting your search engine ranking.

You can use free tools like MOZ’s local listing checker to ensure your details are complete.

Google Maps Listing

With Google Maps, you can get 33% of clicks on any search. This is why your roofing business should appear in the top 3 of your local map.

The more visible your roofing company is, the more chances of attracting customers. You’ll have to provide as much information about your business and services.

To stand out among other roofing companies, you can make use of photos and videos.

You’d also want to consider adding a call-to-action button, like “call now” or “message now.”

This encourages potential clients to reach out to your business.

Organic Search Listing

The roofing companies show on the first page of the search results get 44%.

How well you rank in map listings will carry over to your placement in organic listings.

Citations are one way to help boost your local ranking. These are mentions of your business on the internet.

These include directory listings, social media profiles, and relevant post comments.

Clean Website Link Profile

To maintain your website’s SEO, you’ll only need high-ranking sites linked to your page.

Having dead or irrelevant links can harm your ranking on engine results.

Your roofing business should also contain authoritative links to boost performance.

Social Media Integration in SEO

SEO leans on many platforms, including Social Media. It’s a great SEO marketing strategy as the majority of internet users are on it.

By promoting on social media, you can increase your business’s visibility. You can also social media platforms to target profiles of your ideal customers.

Social Media Accounts

An official social media page for your roofing business can improve your visibility. These platforms make it easier for you to touch base with potential customers.

Social media platforms use their algorithms to help customers find you. You can use look-alike or geographic targeting to attract your ideal customers.

It’s an effective SEO marketing strategy for engagement posts and targeted ads.

Promote Through YouTube

Videos are a neat way to showcase your services to an audience.

You can improve your SEO by promoting videos to a broader audience. Platforms like Youtube help you garner more viewers.

These video promotions can be in the form of ads, demonstrations, or sample works. For more informative content, you can also harp on tutorial videos.

You might want to consider doing product reviews as they’re are often looked for.

For better SEO, optimize the keywords and content in your videos.

Is My Roofing SEO Campaign Working?

You could whip up all the SEO tools and techniques for your website. It’s important to measure how well your roofing SEO performs against other roofers.

SEO needs consistent monitoring to see its success. You can measure this by setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

KPIs also make it easier for you to pinpoint areas needing more SEO improvement.

Among all factors considered, it boils down to visitor engagement and retention. Below are other factors to focus on:

New Leads

How many clients do you work with per day? Do they increase, decrease, or stay stagnant?

SEO helps you drive new leads to your business. Applying SEO is about turning these leads into customers to generate more profit.

Organic Traffic

This refers to the people who find your business and services through search engine ranking.

Unlike paid ads, visitors land on your site through search results. When you publish quality and relevant content on roofing, you can increase organic traffic.

Using SEO to increase your brand awareness also results in more organic traffic.

Keyword Ranking

We’ve discussed how strong keywords help you to rank up. You should also continue to refresh your keywords ever so often to keep a good ranking.

This also involves updating keywords to match new products or services offered.

Bounce Rate

Sometimes, users visit one page on your site before leaving. 

How often do leads look for an alternative after visiting your site? Proper SEO helps you lessen your website bounce rate.

By keeping track of this, you can find ways to optimize your website content.

Pages per Session

A visitor can spend some time browsing a few pages on your site. The number of pages viewed helps you determine how long a visitor stays on your site.

The more engaged they are, the better chances of sales conversion. With SEO optimized content, you can ensure these viewers go through essential pages on your site.

How Do I Track My Business Growth?

You’ve now optimized your webpage, keywords, and listings. You’ve also established KPIs to measure your SEO performance.

All that’s left to do is to track how your business is growing. Here are a few ways to know what lead your customers to you:


Phone-ins are one of the most effective forms of tracking. What part of your SEO campaign compelled them to call you?

If it was your “Call Now!” call-to-action, you can build on that.

Phone tracking helps you know which SEO strategy works best to garner more inquiries.

Form Tracking

Another way of tracking is through your website form. Visitors with queries fill up their contact details and concerns.

This helps you trace their location or their needs. These are crucial information to help improve your SEO targeting.

You can also use these details in your strategy to target specific areas or profiles.

Traffic reports

Which type of content on your site do visitors engage with the most? What captures their interests?

These are some guide questions to help you track where your traffic is coming from.

You can use tools like AWStats, Coremetrics, or Google Analytics. With this insight, you can align your blog posts to those that people engage with.

How Long Does SEO Take?

Earlier, we mentioned how SEO takes patience before seeing its results. Time-wise, it can take up to several months to see major results.

Google and search engines take time to crawl through every page of your website.

It first gathers information on your visitors’ behavior before rankings can take effect.

But won’t my competitors get ahead of me? This happens, but not for long. With good SEO, hard-earned results will pave its way in the end.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t worry about the wait:

Lengthy Campaigns Gain Better Results

You get to invest in hours and weeks for more accurate results.

When you think of paid ads, you boost them to a vast audience for a short period, which means your business is only visible in the time you blasted ads.

With SEO, these hours and weeks result in long-term visibility.

More Time to Generate Leads

Due to the rankings taking effect, it takes time to garner a good amount of leads.

I guarantee you won’t get the best numbers by basing results on the first few weeks.

SEO growth follows a steady increase in visitors. This also allows you to see your website’s best potential.

Results Plateau

Your garnered leads continue to increase over time. Once you’ve hit your best potential, the numbers could stagnate.

Some of these could be repeat customers. Still, more leads generate more revenue for you.

SEO is like a cycle where you have to keep finding new leads every so often. The great news is it takes time before it reaches this point.

You won’t have to worry about the abrupt plunge in leads.


The roofing industry has shifted to digital marketing. Making this shift can strengthen your roofing business presence and provide even greater value to your customers.

But if you’re serious about standing out against other roofers, SEO is a powerful tool.

I hope this article has enlightened you more on Roofing SEO!

Feel free to share this article with fellow roofers or better yet, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below!

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