Best Roofing Shovel for Easy Shingle Removal: Our 5 Best Picks

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Best Roofing Shovel for Easy Shingle Removal: Our 5 Best Picks

Best Roofing Shovel for Easy Shingle Removal: Our 5 Best Picks

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Reshingling roofs is hard work but 100% necessary for the upkeep of your roof.

If you’re ready, we’re going to take you through the best roofing shovels we’ve found to make shingle removal as painless as possible for you!

Let’s get to it!

Top 5 Roofing Shovels

We can tell you straight away not all roofing tools are created equal.

Getting through multiple layers of roof shingles is a daunting task but there are tools that make your life a lot easier.

That’s why we’re going over the five best shingle removal tools across the board so you can find which tool will be the most effective for you and your crew!

Shingle Eater 6126 Roof Stripping Tool: Best Overall



How can you go wrong with a name like The Shingle Eater?

This is one of the most classic roofing tear-off shovels you’ll find with very little bells and whistles to embellish it.

The Shingle Eater is a known and trusted brand of roofing tools. This tool in particular has a versatile design that gets deeper underneath the shingles so that they tear off easily!

Focusing on asphalt shingles, the size and width of the Shingle Eater lift up every shingle strip CLEANLY, that is if the strips of shingle haven’t disintegrated underneath.

This means that patches of shingles can come right off, giving you more outcome for less work!

The shape of the tool also makes it great for coming in at the sides of the roof along with the nails. Speaking of nails, this tool also makes for a great nail remover!

Its teeth design easily scrapes through dirt, debris, and lifts up nails along the way.

We’ve found that the width and shape of this tool make it EASY TO WORK WITH.

The shovel blades give it an easy glide under the shingles, while its 55″ handle saves your back – no more bending over too long trying to tear off the shingles!

This shingle remover is easy to use, well-designed, and definitely worth the investment!



Is The Shingle Eater 6126 For You?

If you’re looking for a basic yet trustworthy shingle removal tool that is sturdy, durable, and you know will get the job done, go for the Shingle Eater!

Qualcraft 256OP Shingle Removal Shovel: Best Value



The Qualcraft 256OP is versatile and easy to use when doing shingle removal.

This tear-off shovel has a nice steep edge that lets you get into the hard-to-reach places of the shingles so you can rip them off and scoop them up with no issue.

Its 54″ handle is longer than most tear-off tools and that makes it long enough to keep you from bending too far down and hurting your back when removing shingles.

Because it is an all-steel design, this shovel can be heavy but that feature also makes it incredibly durable.

You can do a lot of heavy-duty work with this shovel!

Not to mention, this roofing shovel is made with strong teeth that can pull up to 16D nails – NO NEED to get any separate tools or nail remover.

The Qualcraft 256OP sits at the best value because for the fairly inexpensive price, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

It’s a hugely versatile tool that lets you get the job done easily and efficiently!



Is Qualcraft 256OP For You?

If you’re looking for a shovel that you can do a lot of work with, is able to carry heavy loads, get deep into the shingles, and still stay intact after all that, then try out the Qualcraft 256OP!

Bully Tools 91110 10-Gauge ProShingle: Best Budget



This roofing shovel is going to knock not only your socks off but aaaalll THOSE LAYERS of shingles that you need to be gone!

The Bully Tools 91110 is one of the best tear-off shovels in the roofing industry, not to mention how cheap it is!

You get a 10 gauge steel construction which makes it heavy but also super sturdy and durable.

That 10 gauge steel weight of the shovel is what does the work for you or at least helps you along the way. It makes it so much easier to get into and tear off multiple layers of shingles.

This shingle remover also has a remarkable set of teeth that will easily pull off nails while you work.

Its reinforced fiberglass handle is extremely hard-wearing and will last you through the toughest jobs, and uses comfortable polymer material that makes it easier to hold.

It’s also 48″ so your back will thank you for not leaning over too much while doing all the heavy lifting.

It’s the ultimate heavy-duty shingle removal tool!



Is Bully Tools 91110 For You?

Allow us to explain why we’ve put heavy as both a pro and a con.

For some people, weight may be a downside, but we and a lot of other good reviewers have found that the best thing to do with this roofing shovel is to use its weight to your advantage!

If you’re looking for a super sturdy shingle remover that will last you a long time AND won’t cost a fortune, try out the Bully Tools 91110!



You’re probably thinking, I’m here for a roofing shovel, what is this? But before you skip past this one, we urge you to keep reading.

There’s a reason this tool is on this list. It’s still a shingle remover, don’t you worry.

Sometimes, the toughest part about roofing projects is removing the nails to get the project started.

Occasionally, when even your best roofing shovel misses a nail, it’s time to bring out the pry bar.

The Dasco Pro 640 Shingle Ripper is a pry bar that will be your best friend if you’re looking for something to make prying, ripping, and removing nails a whole lot easier.

This tool is much smaller than most roofing shovels but that’s because it’s made for a more specific job. It’s best used for nail removal first.

Although, yes, it is also made for shingle ripping, don’t expect you’re going to be lifting several strips of shingle at a time with this.

Since it’s made with high carbon steel, you know you can trust the durability of this product and that you’ll be able to work with it on hardier jobs.



Is Dasco Pro 640 Shingle Ripper For You?

Use the Dasco Pro 640 if you’re having trouble with nail removal. Watch the nails pop right off and the shingles will scrape up so much quicker!

Malco SB48AE The Beast



The Malco SB48AE is one of the best-designed tear-off shovels on the market. It uses a highly thought-out design making it an extremely efficient tool to use for roofing removal.

Find an adjustable head on this shovel that lets you use it on several different roof pitches, making it highly versatile and definitely worth the splurge.

Its blades and teeth are made with 10 gauge steel so it’s incredibly hardy while the fiberglass handle offsets that heavy-duty feel.

Plainly, it’s extremely durable while still being incredibly LIGHTWEIGHT. You won’t mind having to work with it for a couple of hours because of the well-designed handle and the lightweight material.

It’s 48″ which means it’s long enough so you don’t have to bend so far down but not so long that getting roofing and nails close to the ground won’t be so difficult.

This might be a bit of a costly shingle remover but if you know how to properly use it and are ready to make that investment, you won’t be disappointed.



Is Malco The Beast For You?

If you’re willing to shell out more money for this than for most tear-off shovels, we say go for it!

Its features aren’t there for display but are actually incredibly helpful and set it apart as a top shingle remover!

Let’s go over a few of the most important things to know when looking for roofing shovels, shingle remover, and roofing tools.


Quality tools are not necessarily expensive. Some of the best tear-off shovels are actually very affordable.

Most of the tear-off shovels on this list are just below $130.

Go through all the available options you have for tear-off shovels and choose which price works best for you!


Having a sturdy roofing shovel is extremely important. You wouldn’t want to be in the middle of removal then all of a sudden have your tools start breaking down, would you?

Go for tools that use high-quality materials such as steel or fiberglass. You also want them to be lightweight so they aren’t difficult to carry.


Again, try out the tool in question and see if you prefer a longer length, a better handle, or stronger teeth.

A well-designed tool will allow you to work more efficiently but not necessarily harder, which is what we all want!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Way to Remove Shingles?

Determining the best tear off tools to use depends on your roof pitch, and the type of shingles you have.

Sometimes your roofing is made of metal, asphalt, or cedar and there are certain tools that won’t work well with those materials.

Consult a professional to see which tool works best for your situation.

If you’re going to DIY tear off, remember SAFETY FIRST. Wear long pants, a full shirt, a construction hat, work gloves, and goggles.

Make sure you’re protected from any flying debris.

How Often Do You Have to Do Re-Shingling?

You need to put in new shingles about every 15-20 years

Why Do I Need to Remove Shingles?

It’s not a good idea to layer new shakes on top of old ones.

Piling layers on top of layers of shingles could be dangerous for your house ad your family. It could get heavy, cause leaks, and other damage to your house.


A quality roofing shovel will make your life so much easier when you start removing singling and we hope we’ve been able to give you a little help to start looking for the best tool for you!

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