The Best Roofing Torch of 2022: A Complete Buying Guide

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The Best Roofing Torch of 2022: A Complete Buying Guide

The Best Roofing Torch of 2022: A Complete Buying Guide

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So, if you are reading this article, you most likely work on lots of flat roofs and you need a new roofing torch. 

If you’re looking for a proper roofing torch you can use to make sure your house is protected from hot, cold, and wet conditions, we’ve made a list of the best roofing torches out there for you!

The ones we have chosen are also light-weight due to the need to take it up and down your roofing ladder.

Top 5 Best Roofing Torches

Here are some of the best propane torches you can use for all your roofing needs and more!

1. STEINBRÜCKE Heavy Duty Propane Torch High Output: Best Overall

roofing torch

Source: Amazon

If you want a propane torch that quickly gets the job done (but still offers quality work), then this propane torch may just be the one for you.

It has a QUICK IGNITE FEATURE — you just need to press a button to ignite the flames on this torch! There’s no need for you to use a lighter or match to start the torch, which makes this torch SAFER already.

On top of that, it comes with a 6.5 feet marine-grade rubber hose. You can bring your torch with you to farther reaches of the roof you’re working on!

Take note that it’s also designed to work with 20 lb propane tanks. You’ll be able to use it for a long time while working on your roof.

It can even reach 3,200°F and 500,000 BTU with ease. What more can you ask for?

If you ever find yourself missing a part or this torch breaks, it comes with a 3-year factory warranty you can make use of.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Quick ignite feature
  • Long reaching hose


  • Some users reported the shield paint curling after a few uses


2. AUSAIL Propane Torch: Best Value

roofing torch #2

Source: Amazon

If you need a heavy-duty propane torch, then AUSAIL won’t let you down with this powerful torch.

It can reach 3,400°F and 700,000 BTU maximum heat, which will make heating your roofing materials a breeze!

This torch’s burner is made from REFRACTORY STEEL, so it’s even more durable and will last you even longer.

If you ever feel like your torch has any problems during its FIRST TWO YEARS with you, you can send it back for a replacement by AUSAIL.

It’s got a LONG RUBBER HOSE of 9.8 feet, but we still recommend replacing it with your own when you get the chance since it can come in defective. 


  • High maximum heat

  • Durable
  • Long warranty period


  • Some users report that its rubber hose can come in defective


3. SeeSii Heavy Duty Propane Torch: Best Budget Pick

see sii tourch


Source: Amazon

If you want a budget torch that won’t let you down, SeeSii has a heavy-duty propane torch that you can use without worry.

You can easily ignite it with its PUSH BUTTON IGNITION. But if it fails to start, it comes with an igniter for times like that.

This propane torch can reach 3,000°F and 500,000 BTU for its MAXIMUM HEAT OUTPUT.

Its neck is 2.8 feet, and the included rubber hose is 6.8 feet long, which can allow you to apply heat on your roof without bending around too much.

However, we recommend replacing the rubber hose with your own hose since the included one can be damaged on arrival.


  • Economic choice

  • High heat application
  • Quick ignite feature


  • Users report that the rubber hose can come punctured


4. Birstlye Propane Torch

roofing torch example

Source: Amazon

This propane torch by Birstlye is versatile since it can work as a weed burner, an ice melter, and most importantly, a ROOFING TORCH.

You get a QUICK IGNITION BUTTON on this torch, which allows you to get fires with a maximum heat of 3,000°F and 500,000 BTU.

The wand also comes with a valve, so you can adjust how big the flames are coming out of the torch.

The rubber hose is 6.5 feet long, which gives you a good amount of space to work with when moving away from the gas canister.

It can work with 20lb petroleum tanks, so you don’t have to replace your tank often.


  • Long warranty period

  • High maximum heat
  • Adjustable flame size


  • Could come with a longer hose


5. Aihand Propane Torch 55.99

torch down roofing

Source: Amazon

This roofing torch from Aihand is great and for a lot of reasons.

  • Its maximum heat can reach 3,000° F and 500,000 BTU with ease.
  • Its hose can be attached to standard propane gas tanks, so don’t worry about getting a special regulator for it to fit.


As for dimensions, its neck is 2.5 feet long, and its hose is 6.7 feet long, which is long enough for you to walk around a medium-sized roof without too much trouble.

It comes with a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY you can use if you find yourself missing any parts or find that it broke early on.


  • High heat levels

  • Long-range reach
  • Long warranty period


  • Some users reported missing some parts when their torch arrived


How to Choose a Propane Torch for Roofing

If you’ve browsed through the internet for a propane torch, you may have found a bunch of propane torches that look like they can do the job.

However, many propane torches aren’t really made for roofing jobs and are only suitable for BURNING GRASS, IGNITING COOKOUTS, or MELTING SNOW.

Here are a few aspects you need to look for when choosing a good propane torch for laying down your roofing materials.

A Long Neck

You’ll want a torch that has a neck or extension tube of at least 1.6 feet long.

If you get a propane torch with something shorter than that, you may find yourself developing a CRICK in your neck while you work and may lead to other more serious back injuries.

A Hose Connector

If your propane torch can only be directly connected to a propane bottle, then it ISN’T SUITABLE FOR ROOFING.

Not only is it HEAVY, but it also YIELDS LITTLE GAS, which will be a hassle if you’re working on large roofs.

A Large Burner

You’ll need a large burner since you’re going to be torching large columns of modified bitumen on the roof.

If you get a torch with a SMALL BURNER, you may end up working more time applying the membrane when it could take a shorter time with a large burner.

How to Stay Safe While Torching

Since you’ll be working with fire, you’re going to need to employ a few SAFETY PRECAUTIONS so you don’t get into any accidents while working on your roof.

Here are a few tips so you don’t start a fire where you don’t want it to happen.

#1 Clear the Roof of Debris

Before you start torching, give your roof a sweep to remove any dirt and debris on it. You can use a BROOM or a BLOWER to do that.

If you don’t clean the roof beforehand, you could end up with a fire on your hands, which isn’t what you want.

#2 Wear Protective Clothes and Gear

Since you’ll be working with fire, be sure to wear proper roofing shoes , gloves, boots, and goggles.

Wearing long pants is highly recommended, and it would be even better if they were FIREPROOF.

#3 Check the Torch Before Use

Even if you’re confident that your torch is in good shape, you should still check for any LEAKS in the torch or its peripherals.

The best way to check for leaks is to hook everything up and start it with VERY LITTLE GAS.

Pour soapy water over the entire thing, and if BUBBLES start to form, then you have a leak.

You can check the manual of your torch for more detailed instructions on how to get it fixed or if you can get it replaced.

#4 Keep a Fire Extinguisher Close By

Even if you do your best to stay safe with preventive measures, that doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen.

Make sure that you have a fire extinguisher close by so you can put out any fires that might appear while you torch down your roof.

Remember to spray it down from where the wind is coming from so that the fire doesn’t reach you while you put it out.

If you can’t put out the fire with the fire extinguisher, then call your local fire department and evacuate the building.

How to Torch Down Roofing

Now that you’re ready to torch down the roof you’re working on, you should know the steps on how to torch it down properly.

1. Attach the Insulation

If you live in a place that experiences COLD CLIMATE, then you’re definitely going to need to add an insulation layer to keep you warm during the cold months of the year.

Insulation can be applied with screws and plates or even glue.

2. Install the Moisture Barrier

On top of the insulation layer, you need to add a VAPOR BARRIER so that condensation doesn’t form on your new roofing system.

3. Lay Down the Overlay Board

You’ll need to install an overlay board above the moisture barrier, which is where the torch down membrane will be adhered to.

Make sure to attach the overlay board in a LEVEL MANNER. If not, it can cause pools of water to form.

4. Apply the Base Sheet

Now, you can add the first layer of the membrane on the overlay board.

You can do this with an adhesive or by using a heat fusing method.

5. Apply the Cap Sheet

At this point, you’ll be rolling out the roofing membrane on top of the first layer.

As you roll out the cap sheet, you’ll be using the TORCH to heat down the membrane so it sticks to the roof.

6. Install Any Required Flashing

Once you’re done, you’ll need to install any flashing around any features that penetrate the roof, such as a PIPE or CHIMNEY.

How to Maintain Your Roofing Torch

Now that you have your very own roofing torch, the next question is how you can maintain it so you can still use it for the years to come.

We’ll give you a few tips to make sure your torch WON’T GROW OLD INTO DISREPAIR.

  1. Disconnect the torch from the gas hose after every use.
  2. When your torch isn’t attached to the gas, put a plastic plug on the outlet valve of your regulator.
  3. Do not store your tank near any heat sources like vents or furnaces.
  4. Regularly clean your regulator valve to keep it free from debris.

Final Thoughts

While there is a surplus of propane torches you can buy, not all propane torches are made to torch down your roof.

Be sure to find a SUITABLE TORCH that won’t cause you back problems or will make you scramble down your roof every 20 minutes to replace its gas canister.

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you’ll be able to choose the best roofing torch for you!

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