7 Best Rooftop Christmas Lights You Can Find on Amazon

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7 Best Rooftop Christmas Lights You Can Find on Amazon

7 Best Rooftop Christmas Lights You Can Find on Amazon

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Have you ever seen those aesthetic houses on Pinterest designed from the roof down to the yard with Christmas lights? Yup, we’ve seen them too.


If you want your house to be as picturesque as it can be, rooftop Christmas lights are the key.


To save you time and trouble, we compiled this list of the best rooftop Christmas lights you can find on Amazon. Let’s dive right in.

roof christmas lights


Top 7 Rooftop Christmas Lights on Amazon


NOMA C9 LED Quick Clip Christmas Lights – Top Pick

rooftop lights 1


Image courtesy of Amazon.com


If you are looking for the white Christmas kind of vibe for this coming holiday, these lights make it possible.


These LED lights are equipped with a patented quick-clip technology with 180-degree rotation, so you won’t have a hard time adjusting them the way you desire.


Not to mention that they are made of acrylic resin, which has greater tensile strength than other materials and is made to stand heavy use. [R]


If you are concerned if they can stand harsh weather conditions, we’re telling you right now that they can. It has weather-sealed sockets which prevent damage.


And don’t even get us started on how energy-efficient it is. These 100 LED bulbs are designed to remain cool to the touch and reduce power consumption. It’s pretty cool, right?


You might be thinking, “100 bulbs aren’t enough to cover our entire roof”, but we haven’t even gone to the best part yet.


NOMA Quick-Clip Lights feature end-to-end connectivity. Every strand has plug-ins on both ends, which means you can link up to a total of 2,200 lights!


What Makes This the Best Rooftop Christmas Lights?


When it comes to everything that has to do with electricity, the two things that we are looking for are ease of use and warranty.


NOMA C9 LED lights have both. Setting up these rooftop lights is hassle-free because they already come with built-in spring-loaded clips.


As for the warranty, they feature a 3-year limited warranty, which is already a HUGE win considering that they are for outdoor use.


Another thing that we love about NOMA C9 Lights is its safety. We wouldn’t want a substandard electrical appliance covering our entire roof, right?


Don’t worry, as this one meets the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standard on saving energy, which means this product is not prone to overheating.


What more could we ask for? Rooftop Christmas lights that are easy-to-install, have warranty, and can save energy? Sounds like a great package to us!



  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy-to-install and can be linked to other light bulbs
  • Has warranty
  • Durable
  • Designed to stand extreme weather



  • Lightbulbs are not replaceable
  • Only available in one color


JXLEDAYY Christmas Lights 320 LED – Best Value

rooftop light2

Image courtesy of Amazon.com


If there is one thing that we love about these Christmas lights, they are SUPER versatile.


It has eight lighting modes, perfect for any occasion out there,, especially for weddings, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


You’d find that this is also agreeable in terms of energy consumption. Running on 36 volts, these Christmas lights can save up to 90% of energy compared to incandescent bulbs.


Have we mentioned that it is also made to last? Now, you won’t have to worry about changing lights every Christmas, as this one has been proven to last for up to 10 holiday seasons. 


What stands out about these lights is that they are easy to install as the packaging has fewer tangles. The memory chip of the remote also saves your last setting, so there would be no need to do that all over again.


For the customer service, we’d give this one a 100. They provide 12 hours of customer service, so you know you can rely on someone if anything happens or needs support in installing.



  • Versatile
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy-to-install
  • Excellent customer service
  • Saves energy up to 90% more



  • You can’t set it to stay on only one color


Cobbe Christmas String Lights – Best Budget-Pick

rooftop 3


Image courtesy of Amazon.com


Are you looking for super bright bulbs? You have officially found the right product for you.


This is made possible by the hexagonal surface of these lights, which makes the glow shinier than other outdoor lights. They are also made of commercial-grade bulbs.


PLUS, they have eight different lighting modes: waves, sequential, slo-glo, chasing, flash, slow fade, twinkle, steady. This makes it perfect for showcasing the lights in gatherings.


It’s also IP 44 waterproof-designed, which is a huge plus for places where December often means rainy or wet season. 


If ever you are not satisfied with the product you have received, Cobbe ensures that you will be properly assisted in asking for a return or refund. The great customer service for electronics like this is rare!



  • Super bright lights 
  • Waterproof
  • Ensures that it won’t overheat
  • Affordable



  • Does not have end-to-end connectivity


#4 Adrattnay LED Icicle Lights 


Image courtesy of Amazon.com


If you are looking for lights to cover a wide perimeter, then this 98.4ft of long icicle lights would just be what you’re looking for.


This will cover large areas for decoration, which is also why it’s okay even though it does not have end-to-end connectivity.


In terms of durability, Adrattnay ensured their lights are made of high-quality materials suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


You won’t need to worry even if it’s raining hard and snowing, as long as you keep the adapter away from the water. 


This makes this fit for different occasions, such as everyday decoration, bedroom aesthetics, and even for themed birthday parties.


One downside is that you will have to reset your setting every time you turn it on, as it does not have the memory control of other Christmas lights brands.



  • Covers large areas
  • High-quality
  • Versatile
  • Affordable



  • Does not have end-to-end connectivity
  • Does not have memory control


#5 Twinkle Star 360 LED Christmas Icicle Lights

christmas lights rooftop


Image courtesy of Amazon.com


Were you looking for some Frozen vibe this coming holiday? We got your back! The cold white colors of these lights will truly make your goal come to life.


Twinkle Star’s lights are UL 588-approved, which speaks volumes about the standard they are made. PLUS, it has a low voltage output of 30 volts.


With eight-mode functions of combination, slow glow, and the like, you can be ensured that your rooftop Christmas lights will never go boring.


Have we mentioned that they are connectable AND easy-to-use? Wow! Talk about a double win in a single product! 


To install, all you have to do is handle the icicle lights on the eaves, top of the hall, handrail, or anywhere you want. And voila! You brought white Christmas to life!


Don’t worry. The extension cord is 16.5ft, which makes Twinkle Star’s lights perfect for outdoor decoration and celebrations. Whether it’s a party, reunion, intimate Valentine’s Day, these lights got you!


Do NOT cut the nylon cable ties as they are used to fix the lights. Cutting these ties would lead to tangles, which we don’t want to happen to you.



  • Connectable
  • Easy-to-install
  • Certified UL 588
  • Multiple modes to choose from



  • Cannot change colors

#6 Brightown Meteor Shower Lights 

Image courtesy of Amazon.com


One word for these meteor lights: magical. If you plan to have some Disney feels, these lights from Brightown will make that come true.


And they are not just pretty. They’re also made of transparent PVC material. Now, you won’t need to worry if these pretty lights will last because they are built to withstand extreme temperatures and damp climates.


They are also designed to prevent fire and other electric shocks, which is pretty cool. It is UL-certified to have a low voltage plug-in transformer, which is known for preventing short circuits. 


The design for the lighting mode is sequential up and down, just like how meteors or snow at night. Have we mentioned that they are connectable?


In that way, you can connect up to four sets. We love how versatile this is and not just for rooftop use. You can also use it for streets, parks, hotels, and other large areas.


The only disadvantage we find is that you cannot change the color of the icicles, so if you want some touch of warm white, you would need to have other Christmas lights. 



  • Durable
  • Visually appealing
  • Connectable
  • UL-certified



  • Plug is not waterproof


#7 Housewife Cabinets Meteor Shower Lights


Image courtesy of Amazon.com


Multicolor icicle lights? No problem because Housewife Cabinets have them. They can be extended to a max of three strands so that you can hang them on long surfaces, too.


They are also made of high-quality PVC. PLUS, these bulbs are IP52-waterproof, which means they are protected from water spray less than 15 degrees from the vertical [R].


Aside from being a versatile decoration piece, these LED lights are also energy-saving, as they promise low power consumption regardless of how bright they are.


You can use these multicolor Christmas lights for weddings, Halloween, and other celebrations. You can also use this to decorate your Christmas tree.



  • IP52-waterproof
  • Made of high-quality PVC
  • Can be extended
  • Energy-saving LED bulbs



  • Is not waterproof for water spray more than 15 degrees


Buying Guide for Rooftop Christmas Lights

If you are wondering what you should look for in Christmas lights that you’re planning to put around your rooftop, we got you covered.


The following are the important characteristics of Christmas lights or any lights for that matter.


#1 Safe

Did you know that decorative lights caused nearly one in five Christmas tree fires? [R] That’s a 20% chance of using decorative lighting that is not conducive to heat or continuous usage.


That’s why we are emphasizing the importance of choosing a rooftop Christmas light that is certified safe from electrical short circuits. Do not trade the cost for your safety.


Some fake lights that are not certified are being sold for less, but these are more prone to short-circuiting which could lead to a fire.


As much as possible, check for reviews from other people who have bought the Christmas lights you’re eyeing, and make sure to note if some electrical problems occurred.


#2 Energy-Efficient 

LED is an ultra-efficient energy-saving system, best for Christmas lights covering large areas.


Incandescent bulbs are priced lower than LED lights, but the former would translate to a higher electricity bill since it requires a higher voltage.


Statistically, LED bulbs save about 75% more energy than incandescent ones, not to mention that they last longer, too.


#3 Durable

Since the primary purpose is rooftop use, these Christmas lights must be built to stand extreme weather conditions, whether heat or heavy snow.


Acrylic resin is one of the strongest types of material used to create Christmas lights, and PVC comes in a close second.  The latter also offers a more economical option. 


Regardless of the material, make sure that the Christmas lights you are buying can stand the usual Christmas weather in your area to make them last longer.


Just a Review

  • For our BEST OVERALL, we have the NOMA C9 LED Quick Clip Christmas Lights, which is built for extreme weather conditions and has memory control and connectivity.


  • Our BEST VALUE is JXLEDAYY Christmas Lights 320 LED which has lights made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is strong, non-flammable, and weather-resistant.



Final Thoughts

We hope you have learned something from this article. Christmas is fast-approaching, and rooftop Christmas lights are a sure way to keep the holiday spirits up.


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