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Is a Steep Roof Saving Your Home?

Is a Steep Roof Saving Your Home?

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When designing your home’s foundation and structure, it’s vital to ensure its stability and longevity over the next 10 to 20 years.

This is especially true for asphalt shingle roofs. Most importantly, it should withstand any weather all-year-round. 

steep-sloped roof is popular in residential areas, but have you ever wondered why?

Others may find it costly to use more roofing materials; however, a steep roof holds certain benefits to last you longer.

Before you opt for other designs, I’ll show you why having a steep roof is valuable for your home!

Advantages of a Steep Slope Roof

To save you time doing research, I’ve listed below advantages for you to consider:

Less Water Build Up

The steeper your roof, the more efficient its shredding is. One reason is that high sloped roofing allows more rain flow through its gutter system.

It also allows snowfall to slide off its surface. Not only does this help prevent ice dams, it allows moisture to quickly dry and find places to penetrate.

This is one of the main contributors to roofing damage and leakages. In this case, a low slope or flat roof would need more roof job than a steep roof.

Better Air Ventilation

If you’re keen on saving energy, a a roof with a higher pitch allows the air to move quickly to the ridge vent.

On hot days, it’s best to keep your home cool. Stored heat inside your attic can lead to roof damage.

Steep roofs come with a design for efficient ventilation. This allows the release of heat from its ridge vents. During winter, it also prevents ice from blocking its ridge vents.

If you want to keep a cool house while saving on your electricity bills, a steep-sloped roof works best.

Adaptability to Style and Decoration

A plain roof serves its purpose, but appearance adds value to your home. If you want a stylish and appealing home, you’d consider the roof design also.

It’s easy to distinguish a steep roof in residential areas since they stand out. You can even get creative by adding gables, dormers, and valleys.

When it comes to maintenance, it’s easier to see which areas need roof work without being up close.

Less Debris

With your roof exposed to all weather conditions, rubbles and objects can pile up on the surface.

These objects can stay there for a long time, with a lower-sloped roof pitch. It can be tedious to clean this debris often than needed.

On high roof slope tops, gravity and wind alone can help get debris to fall off.

Storage Space

You can put all the space within your steep slope roof to good use. Homeowners looking to use more space can covert this free area into an attic.

Depending on your roof pitch, you can make use of this space as a livable area. If you want to get creative, adding a dormer adds to its appeal.

Instead of adding another room to your home, using this area is a low-cost alternative. It’s also suitable for long-term use.

Are Steep Roofs Harder to Re-roof?

roof pitch refers to its slope or steepness. Most low slope roofs have a pitch of 3:12 or 6:12. For steeper ones, a roofing 12:12 pitch is a standard for most residential homes.

Having a steep grade of 12:12 or greater poses challenges for a roofing job.

Attempting to reconstruct a high pitch roof is a job that involves more risks and tasks. You can get help from a roofing contractor to get the job done.

It’s crucial to provide the right tools and safety equipment for their safety. These include at least one ladder, scaffolding, and some roof jacks.

Choosing a contractor who’s familiar with working on a high pitch roof also affects the job.

Why Are Roofs So Steep?

Almost every house you see has a different roof slope. More than its architectural design, it comes with a value.

Depending on which area you’re from or the weather you’re exposed to, slope roofs will matter.

In some areas with persistent rain and snowfall, steep slope roofs help shed its residue.

Do Steep Roofs Last Longer?

These roofs are one of the most durable types, among others. The steeper your roof, the longer its materials last.

It’s easy for water and snow to run-off your roof, resulting in a dry roof surface. Heat insulation is also vital in maintaining its quality.

During hot seasons, it prevents the absorption of too much heat and radiation. Steep slope roofing is a classic design most homeowners still opt having.

They’re also low in maintenance, so you won’t have to tend to them often.


A steep roof serves a lot more than its classic appeal. While it will cost more than other types, you’ll appreciate its long-term value.

I hope you consider these key points when deciding a roof design for your home!

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