Telescopic Ladder: 10 Best Picks Reviewed + Tips, Factors, & Benefits

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Telescopic Ladder: 10 Best Picks Reviewed + Tips, Factors, & Benefits

Telescopic Ladder: 10 Best Picks Reviewed + Tips, Factors, & Benefits

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If you’re the kind who likes DIY-ing around your house, a ladder is a must. From changing your lightbulbs to cleaning your roof, ladders are great for all-around home use.

However, ladders are bulky, heavy, and take up a lot of space.

Traditional ladders are difficult to keep at home and are even harder to transport. Telescopic ladders are a great solution if you want to have a handy ladder whenever you need it.

Have a look at the best telescopic ladders to help you with your home improvement projects.




What We Liked

The Telesteps 612TC combines the A-frame and extension designs. Most other options need to be used against a wall or other hard surface.

We’re big fans of the 612TC’s versatility. It combines the typical telescoping design with an A-frame design. This makes the 612TC handy for a lot of uses, from cleaning your roof to painting walls.

We loved how this ladder felt so sturdy while using it. We never felt any wobble using it either as an extension ladder or as an A-frame.

The best part is, it still has all the classic features of a telescoping ladder. It’s very compact and lightweight. The Telesteps 612TC is perfect for all-around home use.

Needs Improvement

The Telesteps 612TC has all the features you’ll need for all-around home improvement.

The only drawback is it comes with a hefty price tag. We also wish that it came in more height options for people who need to reach areas higher than 12 ft.

Is Telesteps 612TC For You?

The Telesteps 612TC is excellent for those who prioritize safety. Although it’s expensive, you get great value for what you pay for. We highly recommend this for its extensive safety features, ease of use, and compact design.




What We Liked

The Xtend & Climb is suitable for do-it-yourselfers, and we saw this through the design. It has a minimal storage footprint, meaning you can store it anywhere you have some space.

We liked that Xtend & Climb paid attention to the ergonomics of using it. While the closure system takes some getting used to, it’s designed not to pinch your hand when you close it.

The Xtend & Climb is a durable and long-lasting option for anyone looking for a reliable aluminum telescoping ladder.

Needs Improvement

The Xtend & Climb is a great value product, but we didn’t like how its feet weren’t adjustable.

The feet were also relatively narrow, so it’s ideal for use on more stable ground. We wished that it came in more height choices because 12. 5 feet is quite short for some use cases.

Is Xtend & Climb 770P for You?

We recommend the Xtend & Climb if you worry about your safety while using a ladder.

It doesn’t have the durability problems of budget options and comes without the price tag of premium or pro telescoping ladders.





What We Liked

For a budget telescopic extension ladder, you can’t go wrong with LUISLADDERS. It’s the most affordable pick on our list, but it doesn’t compromise on quality.

This extension ladder is exceptionally lightweight and compact, which is great if you don’t have a lot of space in your home.

LUISLADDERS is one of the lighter options on this list at only 20 lbs. It also has all the safety features you would need from a telescopic extension ladder, with rubber feet to keep the ladder still while in use.

What we love about LUISLADDERS is that each section closes and opens individually, so your fingers won’t get clipped. This is also great if you need a height adjustment for your ladder.

Needs Improvement

We didn’t like that the LUISLADDER would bend at extreme angles. It is best used as close to vertical as possible. The LUISLADDER is suitable for light home use but is not ideal for heavy construction work.

Is LUISLADDERS Telescoping Ladder for You?

The LUISLADDERS Telescoping Ladder is our top budget pick because it gives you exactly what you need for a great price, without compromising safety.




What We Liked

The WolfWise Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder is a solid all-rounder and works great even for outdoor use. The one-button retraction feature is a useful add-on and makes extending this ladder easy and hassle-free.

The aluminum alloy they used for the WolfWise looks and feels durable, but its construction doesn’t add on to the ladder’s weight. The best part? It won’t hurt your pocket!

Needs Improvement

We didn’t like that some WolfWise ladders used plastic feet since plastic tends to be more slippery on concrete or glazed tile floors. We also didn’t like that it felt a bit wobbly compared to traditional ladders.

Is WolfWise for You?

We recommend the WolfWise for anyone on a tight budget and only need to use ladders occasionally.




What We Liked

The Little Giant Velocity is an aluminum multi-purpose ladder that looks very different from other telescoping ladders.

It’s probably the most versatile ladder option from everything we’ve reviewed. Its design allows a lot of configurations, like A-frame, extension, and right angle.

While other telescoping ladders are meant for leaning against a surface, the Little Giant doesn’t. Due to its versatility, you can use this ladder for anything from picking fruits from a tree to switching out your lightbulb.

Little Giant also pays attention to safety in its design. We never felt it wobble while we were using it in all its configurations.

We also loved how this model comes with wheels, so you can glide the ladder to any location instead of having to carry it.

Needs Improvement

The Little Giant is bulkier and heavier than other options. It doesn’t have the design that other aluminum telescoping ladders do.

Is the Little Giant Velocity for You?

If space isn’t a problem for you, the Little Giant Velocity is a great choice for many uses.

It’s not as compact as other telescoping ladder options, but it’s still more compact than a regular ladder. We recommend the Little Giant for DIY enthusiasts with a lot of projects in mind.




What We Liked

You’ll be in good hands with the Telesteps 1600ET. The 1600ET model is the military and tactical grade, and it shows in the design.

We never felt it wobble while using it, and it felt safe, secure, and sturdy, even when extended fully at 12. 5 feet.
We love the adjustable silicone material they used for the feet, making it work on every surface from concrete to rough floors.

They even paid attention to making sure that the top rung is rubberized so that it grips any surface you lean the 1600ET against.

We also liked that its automatic closure system is easy to use, and you won’t pinch your hands with it.

Needs Improvement

It’s hard to find anything wrong with Telesteps 1600ET. If there is one thing to worry about, it’s the cost. Your pockets will take a hit with this ladder.

Is Telesteps 1600ET for You?

The Telesteps 1600ET is one of our best picks because they pay adequate attention to safety. Telesteps always makes sure that its products comply with the OSHA requirements for safe ladders, so you’re sure that what you’re getting is reliable.

You may break the bank, but at least you won’t break your butt!

We highly suggest this ladder if you like doing a lot of work around the house and want a durable and sturdy ladder to help you finish the job.




What We Liked

The Ohuhu Telescoping Ladder is one of the more affordable budget options on this list. We liked that it has a high load capacity when compared with the other telescoping ladder options.

Our favorite part about the Ohuhu is that it collapses smoothly and gradually, without the shocking jolt other telescoping ladders have. Its closure system is quiet and fuss-free.

Needs Improvement

We don’t like that it used plastic components in its design, especially on the ladder’s supports. It gets the job done for occasional household use, but the plastics might be a durability problem.

Is Ohuhu for You?

If you want to save on costs and need a ladder to use for occasional household repairs, then the Ohuhu is for you. We recommend the Ohuhu for light use.




What We Liked

The Werner MT-17 is a multi-purpose ladder that can be configured for a variety of uses.

It can be used as a stairway step ladder, step ladder, twin step ladder, extension ladder, or two scaffold bases. We like that it’s easy to switch it up by using the push-knob locking hinges on the sides of the ladder.

The Werner MT-17 is also more lightweight than other options and stores well. The latches and hinges of this ladder also work smoothly.

The Werner MT-17 is safe, reliable, and well-built, and it can suit almost all your household needs.

Needs Improvement

We didn’t like how the lubrication used for the sliding frame rails would stain hands. It also isn’t the most affordable ladder around.

Is Werner MT-17 for You?

The Werner MT-17 is a great option for those looking for a multi-purpose ladder to suit all their needs. We highly recommend the Werner MT-17 ladder for its customizability.




What We Liked

The TOOLITIN is another budget option that doesn’t compromise on safety. It has a unique stabilizer bar design that connects the two feet of the ladder to keep it stable while in use.

It’s also worth noting that it uses an air damper technology, which slows the ladder’s retraction. Not all telescoping ladders have this feature, so it’s a great addition. A design that avoids pinched fingers is always a plus in our book.

Needs Improvement

It can be difficult to use the ladder for lower heights. The ladder sections extend downward, so you would have to awkwardly hold the ladder up while trying to extend it.

Is TOOLITIN Telescoping Ladder for You?

The TOOLITIN is great for general household use. Cleaning windows and picking fruit is a breeze, and you don’t have to pay a high price for its functions.




What We Liked

One unique feature of the Handvoll that we really loved is the hooks on top of the ladder.

This is great for stabilizing the ladder, on top of the rubber feet that prevent slippage. Because of the handy hooks, some people thought it would help use the Handvoll for emergencies by hooking it out their windows.

The aluminum they used is heavy-duty, and it feels very safe to use. Overall, it’s a sturdy ladder that is easy to use.

Needs Improvement

The rungs are slightly far apart than other ladders, so it’s a bit of a difficult climb.

Besides that, we didn’t like the plastic components they used for the step release. Plastic components in a design like this might make it susceptible to wear and tear.

Is Handvoll Telescoping Ladder for You?

We recommend the Handvoll if you don’t want to feel any wobble in your step. It’s lightweight, compact, and durable. Sometimes, that’s genuinely all you need from a ladder.

What Is A Telescopic Ladder?

A telescopic ladder is made of tubular aluminum and is intended for home use.

When extended, they usually measure 3 to 4 meters (around 9 to 13 ft.), which is the perfect height for home use. It’s called a “telescopic ladder,” because it expands and contracts through tubes, like a telescope.

Benefits of Using a Telescopic Ladder


Telescopic ladders are compact, so they don’t take up a lot of space. They are also lightweight, so adults of all ages and body builds can easily carry one.

You don’t have to be a gym rat to carry a telescoping ladder. A telescoping ladder is perfect for people living in apartments or people always on the go.


An aluminum telescoping ladder is a good multi-purpose tool. A telescopic ladder can act as either a step ladder or as an extension ladder and can even be used as scaffolding.

This makes it possible to clean your windows, pick fruits from a tree, and other tasks that require some height.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Telescopic Ladder


Safety should be your first priority whenever you buy a telescoping extension ladder. In 2018, nearly 78,000 telescoping ladders were recalled because of safety concerns.

A telescoping ladder can be more dangerous than regular extension ladders because it has more moving parts.

Besides worrying about the ladder’s stability, you also have to worry about its closure system, which can crush hands and fingers if you’re not careful.

We recommend that you remember these safety features the next time you buy an aluminum telescopic extension ladder.

Safety Features


It’s vital to pay attention to your ladder’s feet material because this will spell the difference between a stable climb and falling on your butt.

Rubber or silicone feet are suitable for any type of surface, including concrete, because it will grip the floor without slipping.

You should be wary of plastic ladder feet. If you’re only using the ladder indoors on carpeted floors, then plastic feet would do alright for the job.


When checking a ladder, make sure that the rungs are not bent. Bent rungs could easily give in when you put your body weight on it.


Whenever you buy any aluminum multi-purpose ladder, we recommend that the joints in your telescoping extension ladder can lock and that there is a clear lock indicator.

This helps you check whether the hinges are secure so that your ladder won’t collapse when you extend them.

Closure System

Telescoping ladders are space-saving, but it comes at the price of potential hand accidents if you’re not careful.

Safety Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards provide guidelines for manufacturers to follow when making and selling ladders. This includes telescoping ladders.

It would be helpful to check if your next telescoping ladder purchase is OSHA and ANSI-certified. In effect, you won’t have to worry about hospital bills.

Weight Capacity and Duty Rating

The ANSI has a weight classification for ladders, called the Duty Rating:

  • Type IAA (Extra Heavy Duty), 375 pounds
  • Type IA (Extra Heavy Duty), 300 pounds
  • Type I (Heavy Duty), 250 pounds
  • Type II (Medium Duty), 225 pounds
  • Type III (Light Duty), 200 pounds

The Duty Rating refers to the maximum weight capacity the ladder can safely carry. Not all manufacturers disclose their products’ classification, so looking for an ANSI rating is a good rule of thumb when buying your next extension ladders.

Consumer Reports recommends that you only purchase ladders with a 300-pound capacity and above.

If you have an average body weight and build, and you’ll only be using the ladders occasionally, then choosing ladders with lighter capacities is safe for home use. Just remember the classifications listed above.

Weighing Yourself

When choosing a ladder, you shouldn’t only consider your body weight. Also, consider the weight of your clothing, protective equipment, and the tools you will use.

Compare this with the Duty Rating of the ladder you want to buy so that you’re sure that you won’t choose the wrong product.

Material and Construction

Most telescoping ladders are made of tubular aluminum, but there are ladders made of fiberglass. Aluminum makes good telescoping ladders because it is lightweight but durable.

The only problem with aluminum extension ladders is that it gets hot to the touch when using it outdoors under the blazing sun. For those times, we recommend that you use gloves so that you don’t get scorched by your ladder.


Most telescoping ladders are 12. 5 feet tall. For general home use, 12. 5 ft. should be enough. Your choice of ladder height depends on what you’ll use it for, so it is entirely up to your preference.

We suggest you get the tallest ladder you might need since a manual telescoping ladder allows you to easily adjust the ladder’s height. 

But this comes with a downside: we recommend that you don’t get a ladder beyond 22 feet.

You should remember that the higher the ladder goes, the more moving parts there are. The ladder becomes more unstable the higher up you climb from the ground.

Tips For Safely Using Telescopic Ladders


Wet floors can lead to danger, so be careful of the weather when using your ladder. When using your ladder outdoors, make sure that it is not raining or snowing. Do not use your ladder on ice, snow, or other slippery surfaces.

Securing Your Ladder

When you secure your ladder, make sure that it is at a 75-degree angle. An easy way to remember the angle is to have the ladder one foot out for every four feet up.

Make sure that your hinges are secure and properly locked. Also, test whether the ladder’s feet will slip on the floor surface by rocking it back and forth while you’re still on the ground.

Shoes And Clothes

Make sure your shoes are clean and dry, so you avoid slipping while stepping on the rungs. It is best if your shoes are slip-resistant and have heavy soles.

We also recommend you use a tool belt so that your hands are free while you are climbing.


When climbing a ladder, take note of the Three Points-of-Contact Rule. There should be three contact points between you and the ladder, which could either be two feet and one hand or one foot and two hands on the ladder.

Climb slowly, and try not to lean your body towards one side, because you may lose your balance.


Best Overall: Telesteps 612TC Telescoping Combi Ladder

The Telesteps 612TC is a versatile, multi-purpose tool great for a variety of uses.

It’s heavy-duty, feels stable, and is easy to use. While it’s expensive, you get great value for what you pay for. We recommend the Telesteps 612TC for its extensive safety features, ease of use, and compact design.

Best Value: Xtend & Climb 770P Telescoping Ladder

The Xtend & Climb is a space-saver. Like our top pick, the Xtend & Climb is also heavy-duty, so you won’t feel like you’re losing your balance with every step.

The Xtend & Climb is an excellent option if you want an ergonomic and safe telescoping ladder without the hefty price tag.

Best Budget Pick: LUISLADDERS Telescoping Ladder

For a budget telescoping extension ladder, you can’t go wrong with the LUISLADDERS Telescoping Ladder.

It’s highly affordable yet delivers excellent quality. It gives you all the advantages of other telescoping ladders, without breaking the bank.


You don’t need to be a handyman to need a telescoping ladder.

From home repairs to changing lightbulbs and cleaning windows, there is a telescoping ladder for you. With our wide selection of choices, you can find one to suit your needs.

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