Decatur, Alabama: A Place Of Real Significance

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Decatur, Alabama: A Place Of Real Significance

There aren’t that many places in the world you can visit and leave feeling an overwhelming connection with the distant past and This serene town in Northern Alabama is one of them. Located in the county of Morgan, it is a distinctive part of the larger Decatur Metropolitan area. With a population of 55, 683 in 2010 and an area if 60 square miles, it’s easy to write it off as a place where one can find any real pleasure and excitement. So though tiny in contrast to larger metropolises on the American mainland, it is rich in terms of historical and geographical significance.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Warm, friendly, gracious and benign, Decatur was ideally chosen as a point of cohesion when the railroad, river route mushroomed as a hub for early 19th-century development in the South. This is the testament of the northern tip, sitting onto of a cliff drop off that provides excellent views of the Tennessee River. All around the town are old and monuments and buildings that always remind you of the will, sacrifice and determination that wrought Decatur into existence. An American president named it (President Monroe), it’s home to the oldest railway west of the Appalachian Mountains, and evidenced by the famous Confederate statue, many a great battle was waged on the now busy streets. Rising from the ashes of all that was a town that was officially birthed in 1887 and incorporated in 1889.

Ease Of Access

Who thought such a serene town would be well served by two major airports: the Huntsville International Airport as well as a very busy regional airport in Pryor Field Regional Airport. Add two railroads and a decent road network, and you can be anywhere at any time of the day. Then, of course, you have the extended reach and access courtesy of the Tennessee River, which feeds into the Mississippi River and moves shipments to the Atlantic Ocean via the Gulf of Mexico.

Industry & Commerce

It’s clear that Decatur is strategically located to benefit from business engagements with industry giants across the country. The space program owes much of its engineering capabilities to Decatur’s talented and highly skilled engineers. Currently, the government plans to build all its space rockets in Decatur indefinitely. Top employers include General Electric, Wayne Farms, United Launch Alliance and 3m, most of which are Fortune 500 companies.

Recreation And Amusement

It’s not surprising that Decatur is referred to as the Ballooning Capital of Alabama. The Annual Alabama Jubilee attracts visitors from in and around Decatur as they witness over 60 large, inflated balloons lighting up the skyBalloon Festival in a vibrant, fleeting explosion of color. There’s also the Spirit of America Festival and the world’s most popular racking horse competition which, combined, summon over 130 000 tourists from places around the world you never imagined existed. For a bit of adventure, you can turn to the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge which is a bit of a drive but certainly worth every breath of sub-tropical fresh air.


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