9 Reasons Why You Need A Roofing CRM For Your Roofing Business

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9 Reasons Why You Need A Roofing CRM For Your Roofing Business

9 Reasons Why You Need A Roofing CRM For Your Roofing Business

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Technology helps businesses save time and increase efficiency, and a roofing CRM helps roofing businesses do this. Moving traditional techniques such as paper files, manual measurements and reporting to a digital system can help organise and scale your roofing company. 

This means they’ll be able to handle more clients with less employees which means more profit in your pocket. Investing in a roofing CRM means seeing the time-saving benefits and how it helps your team do their jobs better. 

We’ve got the nine reasons why you need a roofing CRM for your roofing business and some of the best software on the market today. Let’s dig in…..


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1. Information Storage And Accessibility

All businesses rely on organization to keep them running smoothly. It also helps the business scale when the time comes without needing to return to the drawing-room to set the processes in place. 

Having a roofing CRM means you’ll be able to maintain customer details and billing information in one centralized location,  making it easy to find when needed. 


2. More Growth Opportunities

Even in roofing, looking for opportunities to grow your business is essential. No, this doesn’t mean expensive billboards and a slick social media strategy, but you can have more growth opportunities by running your business more smoothly. 

This is where a roofing CRM comes in. Smoother projects mean happier customers with less admin because all your business processes are streamlined into one roofing software. It also means that you’ll be able to juggle multiple projects at once, all to the high level of service that your business will be renowned for. 

In the construction industry, word of mouth is king to gaining more business, so enhancing your company’s reputation in the market will help you grow. Some roofing CRMs can also help your sales team use the system’s reporting function to identify trends and new opportunities. 

More opportunities equal more revenue—all great when trying to grow a business. 


3. Live Business Activity

When you’re running a roofing business, it’s more than likely that a lot of your business is done on-site or on the road. Having a roofing CRM means you can access your client information on your mobile device or tablet. You’ll be able to see live business activity if a sale is made, notes are added to a project, or one is completed. 

This is particularly important for bigger businesses where several people in your team work off one system. A roofing CRM helps improve team communication and ensures that jobs are executed seamlessly. 


4. Increased Profits

Do we need to say more? A roofing CRM will help you make more sales because it enables you to streamline your business processes. You’ll also have more visibility over how your business is performing, which allows you to identify areas that need improving. 


5. Better Communication And Collaboration

As we’ve touched on already, roofing CRMs help improve team communication. This is a constant pain point in many roofing businesses, especially when multiple departments tend not to talk to each other. 

From sales to marketing to on-site teams, a roofing CRM helps your team communicate and collaborate because everything is captured in one place. If there are questions about a product or customer, this is all stored in the CRM.

It’s the single source of truth that your team can rely on to make informed decisions, making them feel empowered in their work. 


6. Less Human Error

With all the added communication and collaboration with your teams, you may worry that there’s room for error. Errors happen, but with a roofing CRM, the likelihood of missing vital information is reduced. 

Again, the fact that there’s a single source of truth means that all the vital information is in one place. Since the data can be accessed automatically, your teams won’t have to rely on remembering critical information and can focus on doing their jobs well. 

For example, say you need to provide an estimate to a potential client quickly. With a roofing CRM, they’ll be able to populate an estimate automatically and know that it’s accurate because of the information already stored in the CRM. 


Improved accuracy means fewer errors which only increases a client’s trust in your business. 


7. Track And Measure Performance

How is your business tracking towards its goals? Businesses track their performance as a way of looking at potential room for improvement. The best way to scale a business is to identify opportunities and provide clients; this is where having a good roofing CRM comes in. 

CRMs allow you to pull detailed reports that give you oversight across the various areas of your business. It takes the information you and your team have been feeding it and turns it into reports that will, in turn, help you make informed decisions for your business and make sure that you’re tracking towards your goals.  


8. Streamlines Sales Performance

With a roofing CRM, you’ll be able to simplify your sales process, which means you’ll be able to gain more business. By generating accurate invoices on the go, your sales team will be able to close sales quickly and seamlessly. 

Some CRMs also have tools to obtain aerial measurements and plug them into pre-built templates that generate an accurate invoice in minutes. 


9. Improved Staff Accountability

As roofing CRMs can improve the communication between your teams, it also improves staff accountability. Giving each of your team members the ability to log notes about clients and the projects they’re working on means more visibility over the work they do. This, in turn, means more accountability as your team is responsible for the work in the CRM. 

Initially, getting your team on board with recording everything in the CMS may take a bit of work. But once they see how it benefits their day-to-day, they’ll be using it in no time. 


The Best Roofing CRM For Your Business

1. AccuLynx

Acculynx is one of the most popular roofing companies and CRMs that offers estimates, lead management, pipelines, and aerial measurement. The roofing CRM uses an API that integrates well through other software like Google Maps, Quick Books, and Hail Watch. This makes business admin for roofers much simpler. 

Acculynx is focused on helping roofing businesses grow, and their one simple operating system allows you to run your entire business efficiently and seamlessly. 


2. Salesforce

Salesforce is a CRM solution ($375 monthly for the manufacturing stack). It’s a flexible system that combines sales, marketing, analytics, and customer service in one central platform. Though it’s not explicitly made for roofing, you can streamline your processes by customizing the software using Salesforce apps

The bonus with Salesforce is everything is stored in the cloud, meaning you can easily access and do your job when out on the road. 

3. Dataforma

Dataforma was developed specifically for roofers, so many of its features focus on what would make a roofing business better. It covers the end-to-end of running a roofing business with features such as calendars, warranty management, proposal templates, and training documentation. 


4. Roofsnap

Roofsnap is a roofing CRM that’s excellent for bigger businesses that have multiple projects running at once. It allows teams to take aerial measurements wherever they are and provide professional reports in two to four hours. 

Roofsnap is also a subscription-based software service ($99 a month). It gives you the flexibility to try and see if it works for your business without the large overheads of implementing a new software on-premise. 

5. Jobnimbus

Another roofing CRM, Jobnimbus was developed with the help of industry experts, meaning it was made for the roofing industry. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, so you and your team should be able to hit the ground running once you’re signed up. 

Jobnimbus is also cloud-based, so you’ll be able to manage sales leads, project revenue, and collect payments faster while you’re out on the road getting your roofing projects done. 

6. Planswift

If the pain point your business has is not being able to submit project bids quickly and efficiently, PlanSwift can help with a one-off fee of $1990

It allows you to change bids and project cost calculations when on the go, which means you’ll be able to bid on more projects. More projects mean more business, which is excellent for a company looking to scale. 

7. Jobber

Like Salesforce, Jobber wasn’t made for the roofing industry, but it does work. It’s on the more expensive scale ($90 a month for their most popular option), but Jobber was made for businesses that run from job to job.

With features such as online bookings, scheduling, invoicing, and follow-up templates, it gives you the tools you’d need to run your business on the go. 


What Is Roofing CRM

Roofing software programs include features associated with construction management software. These features include customer relationship management (CRM) which allows you to track your business and generate leads. Most CRMS will also have scheduling, bid estimating, document management, and integrations with accounting software. 


How Do I Organize My Roofing Business

The best way for roofers to generate leads and organize their sales is to: 

  1. Organize your paperwork to use your current projects to generate leads. 
  2. Use data to make decisions.
  3. Prioritize jobs using the information on hand.
  4. Track sales so you know where your money and time are spent. 


Do Roofers Need SEO

SEO helps roofers improve their websites and reputation online so that it ranks highly on search engine results pages (SERPs) for the keywords related to your roofing services. So the answer is yes, use SEO to help build your reputation online and attract visitors and customers to your site. 

Well, there you have it, nine reasons why you need a roofing CRM for your roofing business. It allows you to manage your business from the start of the sales process to taking measurements, closing jobs and bidding on the next; the process is more seamless using a roofing CRM

Not only does it save you time, but it will also save you money because you and your team will be working more efficiently and communicating well to generate more leads. All in all, the reasons are plenty for why a roofing CRM is good for your business. Now you need to pick one that’s right for your business needs. 

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